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very well made, scary loud and creepy game. one of the most scariest games ive played ever

One of the scariest games I've ever played... I never beat this game but I must try again! 5 stars!

all endings

Hi! Any key rebinds available?

hey i have a question, how did you learn unity?


3 dollars for tourture, got it.

This game almost game me a heart attack! really enjoyed it! anyone reading this please buy and play the game you wont regret it! 


I screamed SO MANY TIMES! 

are we going go get a key for the full release? and if not its still cool ily puppet comb0

Yes, as far as I know

Este juego me hizo apretar alt + f4 como un desquisiado, literalmente la oscuridad y el hecho de tener una camara tan tosca, hace que el juego sea realmente dificil, lo que suma a la "experiencia terrorifica". Junto con Nun Massacre, puedo decir que Powerdrill Massacre es uno de mis juegos favoritos de Puppet Combo!

Still having nightmares because of this game lol


i quit like a little scared mouse 


I screamed like such a baby during this demo, I NEED this game when it comes out.

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i have a question, when the game realeases on steeam, the people who bought the game hear will recive a steam key? I bought the game a few years ago and i think i read that we would get the game on steam but i dnt remember if i imaginated it cause i cant find it xD,

Thanks im so excited for it to come out on steam :)!!!

i remember seeing that as well, i hope they dont act like it never happened :/

xD <3

Yeah new demo is nice :)

Full Play NO Commentary

can you put the new one in

Checked out the new demo y'all dropped and wanted to share it here in case somebody was looking (Download it on steam this weekend only!!)

This is damn scary good job!

Love this game! It was hard though!

Power drill massacre is a game that from the beginning gives off bad vibes about something going to happen soon, but you don't know when. I love this game and its story, the Assassin really catches you by surprise and you get like over 3000 heart attacks. 

hahahaha, in short I give it a 9/10, I highly recommend it! It's just that the controls aren't very good... Good job Puppet Combo!

yall should play babysitter bloodbath that shi was scary 

im waiting for the full game to play because the controls are sadly too hard but its the scariest puppet combo game


really scary


someone make a google drive link for the game


Power Drill Massacre 2 Lost Demo (NO Commentary)


this game almost killed me


Little quick edit! I've never screamed like this before!


My hemorrhoids popped while playing this fear-fueled fright fest! The pain was temporary, but the satisfaction of getting the "Good Ending" as well as unlocking the secret in the Sugar Tunnel will last forever! (I wanted to play this since the PewDiePie and Markiplier days.)

I really enjoy this game. You have done a fantastic job! It has been a while since I played a game that genuinely scared me.


The night shift has power-drill massacre game in it.


is this guy online or DEAD

all in all a very terrifying game for your soul


Legitimately the scariest game I have ever played in my life, I still haven't been able to finish it, I'm gonna have to go back but this terrified me


Is there a need for voice work for this game?

Looking forward to the full version.

since i have this will i also get the steam version when it comes out


Well done puppet combo, the game was scary! It was so scary that I didn't complete it 😂

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