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in this snowy planet  you are not alone !

Hey there! I got the Recent Demo of this and I have a problem... The Lighting went dark and I can't see my surroundings. Any advice? Or does anybody have the same problem? Please help!

Watch the new 80's horror made by Puppet Combo.


80s VHS CHRISTMAS HORROR! | Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa Demo Full Gameplay Walkthrough

This game is awesome. I love the 80s VHS feel. It feels like one of those old 80s movies. Awesome job!

I decided to cover this game, overall I enjoyed it for what it was, but I'd say the game does need some polishing. Thank you folks for making it <3 

can you upload this on steam also?, i cant buy your patreon bc i don’t have a credit card. Thanks

doesn't run for me at all :c


Loved your game, it scared the sh.t out of me hahaha thanks!

Nice! Thanks for playing


Nice! I love the astectic and how the spookiness feels.


Awesome! Really great job on the look and feel of 80's horror and VHS.



Very atmospheric but finished the whole demo without santa showing up once

Howdy Puppet Combo,

  I write this comment very late due to technical problems I seem to have with the demo.Each time I start the game and finish the dialogue in the opening sequence, I seem to fall through the map. Initially I believed this game to be asymmetrical because I could see the top of my character. It took me  a moment but I realized I was falling. Closed the game and booted the demo back up, I'm falling to my death.

    I first believed the error must be due to a misstep in the installation. As a result, I deleted the game and attempted to just install it once more. I get told no bitching and to gather resource once more and then I phase through the ground as fast as Kitty Pryde.

I bring the issue up not to be a bother (as I hope that I don't seem like one) but to bring the bug to your attention. I was really hoping to demo this title as it would have been the first of your games I played. I have watched gameplay segments of your other titles and became a large fan of the B-Movie/Roger Corman style you go with for your games. I aspire to become a content creator on YT and wanted this for Halloween or Christmas as I'm sure friends and others would love it but alas the demo isn't functional (for me at least).

Thank you very much, your buck GoofBalls


Hi GoofBalls, it's a strange bug because the game seems to work for most people. That said, I haven't taken a look at the code in almost a year. I'm going to return to it in November so the full version can be released this holiday season

Howdy Puppet!

Thanks brudda. I noticed you mentioned anti-virus to someone else. I'm using Norton Security Pro right now so that could be conflicting with the program. I'm going to attempt to get things working  and I'll record the problem if you wanted to take a look at what I mean as I feel I may have been able to give more details. 

    I'm sure the problem is a very minute one  and could just be due to things I installed conflicting with one another. I thank you for your time as I wasn't sure you would still be willing to support an older title of yours.


This was the first game of yours that I've played and what an impression! I love how it's completely styled like an old vhs movie - including the beginning credits and all. The game ran really smooth, had super easy to use controls and even a plat forming aspect that I was allowed to fail at! The atmosphere was great, and I loved how it changed when entering the houses. I'd hear the smallest noise and get suspicious and I'd instinctively freak out. Although "Santa" only popped on me once and I didn't even really see him, the entire game had me on edge and that's what a horror game SHOULD do. I can't wait to play more of your games! Thanks for making this one!

Awesome! sorry I didn't realize you played it. It's been a long time since I've looked at this page

Haha it's cool dude! I'm actually planning on becoming a Patron of yours after/on the 1st so I can binge your games! Can't wait!

Never thought Santa Claus would jumpscare me xD great job.

I was going to make a video for this game but I got tired of playing it :( 

Not that it was bad, but redoing things is a big pet-peeve of mine, and tbh I didn't understand what the point of having "lives" at all was if you just get started right back at the beginning with no check point? To save time picking up the notes/gems? Cuz that's like 40 seconds vs. the 5+ minutes it takes you to get back somewhere because you walked off a cliff by accident.  After 30 minutes of repeating the same journeys, my final life was lost while I was reading a note by the toy factory and a Santa killed me and I couldn't move. I just couldn't bring myself to walk up that mountain again, so I quit :(

I really loved literally everything else though, so major props and I started following you for future games! The village was awesome and it honestly almost felt Mass Effect-y conceptually, but with a demented santa, and man that geeks me out. Great idea! Cheers to you and sorry I'm not more patient with redoing things <3. 


Hey, I have made a video on this game. In my video, I do say that this is a bad game BUT only because I haven't experienced the FULL "thing" of this game. I might give it another try in the future perhaps.
Nevertheless, here is my video! Let me know if you liked the video or not. 

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That is one seriously disturbed Santa.


It takes alot of trial and, error to find out where you are suppose to go. I like the options of being able to change which view you want to be in. Also enjoyed you could changed it to vhs or, laser disc! Awsome little features!  I wish there was a mini map as, I get lost easy and, would have helped a tad. That's probably what makes the game more adventureous though!

Deleted post

I'll investigate this. Have you tried 1st person mode by pressing F7? 


It's about bloody time!


This game is awesome!  Thank you for making this game! 

Thank you!

You are welcome! :)

Had a lot of fun trying out the demo! Found a couple bugs like invincibility and some stuck points, but it was all enjoyable nonetheless. Never could find that last gem though! Compiled a bit of my time playing it here:

Thanks for playing! Yes invincibility was a problem in the last version, but it's been fixed in 0.1.4

I'll check out the video for the stuck points

OMFG A NEW GAME ???????????????????????

OH SHIT I SHOULD PLAY IT RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Check out the latest version of POBTS, 0.1.4 which rectifies some bugs and issues. Future updates will be posted as I become aware of things that need fixing.


Please email me and I'll try to figure out what the problem is. ben [at]

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I have the exact same problem, can't play the game at all :( Did you solve it somehow?

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When this happens, does it look like the image I send with this comment? If so, when opening the game do you choose "fastest" when choosing "graphics quality"? For me "fastest" also gave me this problem (I also got a variant where the view was normal third person but the character was in a constant falling animation and could only turn around), but any other option for "graphics quality" seemed to work just fine for me. I have not (yet) figured out what determines which of the two views you will get. PS: the black spot (supposedly the character) in the grey image is not initially visible, only when you look downward do you see Beth.

A side note, apparently the images don't appear when I open this site in Brave

Yes, that is exactly what's happening! I changed the graphics quality from fastest to fast instead and that fixed the issue! Thank you so much :)

you're welcome :)

This game is very rough. I like the idea of a bloodthirsty zombie-esk Santa on a murdering spree but that jumping mechanic is BRUTAL!

It's been updated. Version 0.1.4 should fix the issues

Made a Part 2! ;3



Hi, I made a video of your game! I was in love with Power Drill Massacre, even though I couldn't play it for long because it increased my risk of a heart attack :p But I'm glad you're still making games and released this one! I'll be careful this time! I was also even considering buying one of your shirts too!

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Part 2 :D Thank you anyone for watching! It means as lot!

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I think something is wrong with santa ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )(`〇Д〇)(((φ(◎ロ◎;)φ)

Excited to play more in part 2!


This game was pretty fun.  I would like to see it when this game is completed.  I hope you enjoy my video and I hope the game goes the way that you want it to.

it was a good one!


Just played the demo. I love the entire theme and aesthetic. It feels like a Christmas PS1 Silent Hill Remix.  Keep up the good work!

Thanks !!!


This game was amazing! Can't wait for the full release! :D

I feel like when you escaped him from falling off, I think thats a bug. Oh well.


Had a blast! Gonna upload it in two parts :P


Wish there was more in the demo D; But, the demo did its job!

Great video! Thanks for playing (btw Santa can follow you up on the rooftops)


That's pretty crazy how relentless he is then! Though I don't think he's brutal enough in my opinion! Haha.


I got an "invalid game key" error after the Paypal transfer, don't know what that's about. Good thing there's a free download option too I guess lol

Damn, that strange. Sorry for your trouble. The full version isn't complete yet, but I'll definitely send a working key when it is


No problem, I just got a notification with a download link, it's probably nothing.

 Anyway I'm loving the game so far, it's a clear improvement from your previous works but keeping all the atmosphere and retro charm intact. Sound design is great, it fits the game's aesthetic perfectly and overall makes the experience super immersive. Perhaps the intended path through the map could be marked in a more clear way, took me a while to realize I was supposed to jump over that one chasm...but then again there's a blizzard going on so it's understandable. I think my biggest gripe here is not being able to control the character with the arrow keys, but that's just because I'm left handed and it's not that bad.

So like I said, I love this game already and can't wait for future updates. I find your work super inspiring and hope you can keep making more stuff like this in the future. Happy new year!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind for the full game. I'll definitely add arrow key controls. Glad you're enjoying so far :). Happy Holidays / New year!

Arrow key movement has been added!

Whoa that was quick! Thanks a lot guys! :D

I don't have a trailer finished yet, but here's some Phucat gameplay