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Hey,  how do I install it on windows 10 ? I cannot "Unpack" it because it is rar. have someone an Idea? 

You'll need 7-zip to unpack the game:


thanks! It worked 

this game used to be free

is YouTube and music babysitter bloodbath

In answer to your last question I'm using webroot secure anywhere for my security software

In answer to your last question I'm using webroot secure anywhere for my security software

btw I alredy had direct play on forgot where it was in windows 10 but found it and checked and it's  on. Like I said it's my security that won't iet me install the game,  i could leave it off but that would be stupid.

Sorry, I don't always see when there are new comments here. It's best to contact me at ben [at] so I can help you directly. Please provide as much information as you can such as what security software you are using. Thanks!

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So I finaly got babysitter bloodbath to work this is what I had to do, btw direct play was not it, this is what it took, I had to go into my security software settings and allow these 2 things (acknex.exe & bloodbath.exe.)
Every time I tyied to install the game everything would copy over ?except those 2 files my securty software saw them as a ?threat, actuly I could not find where the settings were but the geek squad could I paid for the support when I purchised this computer may as well get my moneys  worth. Don't judge me I'm not a geek with computers but I'm learning?
Hope someone finds this helpful

In answer to your last question I'm using webroot secure anywhere for my security software

First off it's my security software that won't let me play the game or install it after turning off my internet and disabling my firewall the game works but as soon as i turn it on my security detects  it and deletes it, also where do I find that direct play in windows 10 I watched the video and tried what is showed but it's not there on my computer the video is about older systems

Same here can't install on windows 10 funny thing is power drill massacre by the same developer works fine'

what's up $2.25 for a game and nothing

Have you tried installing directplay?

how do i make the game work for windows 10? 

Have you tried installing directplay?

isn't downloading.. help?

Have you tried these ?

You can also contact support at

tried to no luck

hello want to enter a horror game in my horror jam?


Spot on with that retro aesthetic. Really neat stuff.

This game was so awesome i love the 80s movie vibes and the story of the game but it wouldn't save for me ;(


I watched Harshly Critical play this and knew I needed to play it myself. I love the throwback aspects of this, enjoyed the storyline, and liked the gameplay well enough. I'm really looking forward to future games from you! ^_^


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a e s t h e t i c 💖💕

Gave it a go...

*Rurr* Hello everyone! Upon seeing the game uploaded here, I've always known about the game, but was holding off from playing it but decided - ah the hell with it, I'll start it now :P the result is my Let's Play on the game, hope everyone enjoys Part 1


very good fun here is my lets play