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Excuse me, can I run this game on a Win11 laptop? Does it support Win11?

Cant even start this Game,What do i do?! I already did Quickplay (im on windows 10)

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The .rar file for this game just appeared in my downloads today (twice), through no action of my own and to say I'm weirded out would be... an understatement. I fully realise this sounds like a bit, but I'm dead serious.

Hi Puppet Combo, your name, brand, games, & gear are sick - in a Gud Wei. ;D Cheers. I'm seri (as in serious) - Great Work. ~KC

this game was really good puppet combo

bought this and have directplay on but it still won't work for me. How do you get a refund?

Sorry to hear that, email


Hi Puppet Combo

Here's an original horror game idea!

You know how there's always monsters or psycopathic adults that occasionaly murder children in horror games. Well, how about we reversed those 2 roles? I would call this "Kid massacre", and it would consist of children murdering people (including you) as you try to escape and find out what caused this. It would be a game in PSX graphics like always.

Think about it. I look forward to hearing from you


Reminds me of Clock Tower and Halloween! Love this game!

this game was mad scary

really good jumpscares

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Anyone who meets this error while trying to start this game:

acknex.exe cannot start at 0xc0000022 On Windows 10

please follow this instruction to turn on DirectPlay feature, it solved my issued!

now I can play this game on Windows 10!


The game will load up in that small box but wont actually open. I followed the troubleshooting and installation guide. Im on windows 11 btw.

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Довольно крутая игра. Конечно есть баги, но в основном круто

is disk playable on psx console?

I used to be all about graphics being extremely picky. Because of PC that changed, I got my first laptop and PC was all i knew horror wise online.

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The AMD Graphics Drivers have this black lines bug. I'm using rx 6600 xt (yeah overkill but is what i have xD).

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yo..can u port this to linux.. i miss playing this. im not a big wine user. if u need help i can give it in the process

I LOVED IT!!!!!😍😍😍

This game seems broken for me, getting a runtime error on loading when trying to launch via itch client. Contacting itch about this too.

I remember watching this game when I was really young, and it’s still terrifying. 

Here is a story explained video I made on it!  

this game broke me. 10/10


I show this was updated 64 days ago. What was patched? Just wondering.

How in the hell do i open my inventory? I've pressed like every key and nothing

God I love this game, replaying it for Halloween and loved every second, super scary! :)

Every time I start up the game in Windows 11 it has all this Static junk going on how do I fix that?

My character keeps spinning in circles how do i fix

Unplug your controllers and use the keyboard


that worked thanks

Deleted 102 days ago

how can I actually play nothing works I have a ps4 and a computer it won’t work on ether !? 

2,95 $ and doesn't work in windows 10....


Can you message for a refund?

The game works in Windows 10 for most people, I've verified it myself. but a few people have not been able to get it running on their specific set up no matter what. In that case, I recommend refunding


Hey Puppet combo can you please consider making it Linux compatible it would be very well appreciated if you can.

Hi, only Windows is possible.


Well, that was shut down pretty quickly. lol Have you tried it on Steam?


So tired of games that could be so easily made for Windows, Mac, and Linux only being made for Windows. ◔_◔


and now with Proton compatibility layer, there's even less reason to do so.

It's impossible to make this game compatible with Mac and Linux but it could be played through an emulator potentially.


I just wanted to say I love you guysZ work! Your games are awesome and I can see the passion in your work! Please keep the amazing games coming! Y'all Rock!!

Thanks for getting back to me that is very much appreciated and no worries that you cant i'll maybe try do some emulation or something but thanks again.


People have probably requested already, but I would looooove to have this compatible with Mac


Yep. So would I, and it would be easy to have done if it had been planned from the start, but no: so many people only support Windows. It's irritating when there are so many cross-platform options.


Trojan And Coin miner detectet on Virus Total, WHY????????


Because the antivirus is lying


Hello, I'm a game blogger from China. Your game is very popular with fans in China. Can I give you some game suggestions??


Ahhhhahahahahahahahaha...ahhhh China.

WTF is wrong with China?

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Yeah Kersparsky deletes the main file too !! What's in the main file Dev ?  Gutted as it  looks an amazing game ! But after having my pc hacked a few months back I'm always careful of any waring by AV etc..

love the idea of it, had some issues running it and ultimately finishing it but overall made me interested in the other puppet combo games and decided to buy the entire pack.




@PuppetCombo - I was hoping to reach out to you, but I can't seem to find an e-mail/contact info. Seems this is a decent place to start. I'm a filmmaker/writer and a horror fanatic. I own all your games and was hoping I could get an e-mail address so I can write you a proposition and maybe spark a creative conversation! : ) Love your stuff! Keep up the awesome work.

After trying everything, the game still not work in windows 10, How could I request a money back?


You can email


dude this is the only game that wont open up. it shows a load screen and then nothing....


Try this:

Is there a way to increase the brightness? I can't see a thing.


Legitimate issue. The game is unplayable after the lights go out.

There's a flashlight you can use.

Excuse me, how can I play this game (Stay out of the House)?

Its on the puppet combo patreon.

Whoaw!!! Great! I have some question in story(ies): 1. That closet built in corridor between Billy's bedroom and parents bedroom, - ask: It does avoid to across the outside corridor, doesn't it? So that bedroom is the house issue, maybe, just maybe, mr and mrs Johnson hidden some true about his family, Neokolaus Burr was elder son? The mirrors outplace indicate to me (a)- If Neokolaus really was their son, so they needed took off any sharp glasses (a blade shape) or because his rage after watch himself; 2. Billy is same Billy from Feed Me Billy? So after his child trauma in Babysitter Bloodbath might take his sanity at adult age, perhaps. Well, another great game. Here it goes my second part

Ending Part - Parte Final

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Excellent as ever and other games yours. I love your slash-movie-tales-games, dude! Congratulations, Benedetto Cocuzza. Link about BBB(Babysitter Blood Bath). And happy new year, a bunch successful. Greeatings from Brazil:

Ah, this one is running properly in Linux thru winehq.

Babysitter Bloodbath - Part 1


The game doesnt start in windows 10, so.... I try all and it still not working


same here im mad as fuck

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