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This game has unplayable for me because the whole screen is pixelated and messed up the graphics of the game. The selectable text on the screen to choose the dialogue is missing due to poor graphics on screen so idk wtf happened to the game's screen, just black pixels

Great game! 👍

Whenever I try to start the "acknex" program I get a fatal engine error saying "Problem with WDL script"

It's a fun, short homage to Halloween and other classic slashers. The controls are cumbersome and annoying, though obviously I think some of this is intentional in its design. Worth a play-through, and they do some cool things with camera and splitting the frame at a certain point that really feels cool. Beyond that, I'm sure they've expanded beyond this early entry in both creativity and quality.

I'm trying to stream the game to my friend over discord but every time I start streaming it the game closes, and I have no idea why- is there any way to work around this?

i bought the bundle,but when i try to launch a game,my computer says it is a virus and wont let me play it :(

i will assume you have windows, I will asume the "it has virus" is that blue screen where you have to click on "more" and then install it.
Post here if that worked.


It worked bro, thank u so much :)

love  this game 


my game is just not loading up and I just can't be able to play it at all please help

Excuse me, can I run this game on a Win11 laptop? Does it support Win11?

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