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amazing game

Tem uma chave do jogo para eu traduzir e apresentar para o público do Brasil? (o dólar aqui está uma facada no coração)

This game was so super scary! First puppet combo game and will be back for more. 

Hi, I was trying to play this game on Linux, but I have a 21:9 display, so the game UI is cut at the bottom & I can't interact with objects in the environment or the bottom of the main menu.
For now, I only play it in windowed 16:9, which isn't very practical.
Could you make this game ultrawide-friendly or provide a solution to play it in the game's native aspect ratio in fullscreen?
Thank you and have a nice day.


this shit was so good puppet combo cant wait til the full game comes out!

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The game is very Silent Hill-like, which is one of the best features of The Glass Staircase. It actually looks and feels like I'm playing a game that could've easily been made on the PS1 way back in the 90s. That's insanely incredible! No doubt if it were made back then, The Glass Staircase would be a cult classic.

The game's aesthetics is very nice, and I can tell the Italian horror aspect through the music; with the audible cues it really does a nice job at leaving me on edge. Sadly, though despite the game's tense moments, I found it to be quite comical at times, mainly due to the fact that half the time I had no idea what the story was about. Even reading the notes (which because they're so lengthy, I feel like I'm reading a book, and this quickly takes away from the added suspense build up) I struggled to understand what was supposed to be going on. So when the jump scares happened, I couldn't help but chuckle a bit, especially when the camera zooms in virtually up the character's nostrils, and they look all scared or angry. This still makes for an entertaining playthrough, nonetheless.

My biggest complaint would be the save system; I would've really liked the ability to save whenever, or at least have a Resident evil typewriter styled save theme, or anything that allowed me to save via activating an object. There are way too many times where if I die, I have to start way back from the beginning of the autosave, which is such a hype killer for me. Sometimes the turn sensitivity can be problematic, but I see there's a dial for that. I tried changing it via pause menu, but it wouldn't move?

Also, I wish I could place this part behind a spoiler, but one scene involved a 'naked girl', which for me seemed very suggestive, especially since the nudity is out of context, as I was under the impression these were little girls?

It's okay to have naked female adults of course, but not little girls...But again I struggled to understand the context and story, and I know this is a rated M game.

Other than that, despite being a linear game with no branching endings, The Glass Staircase can be an amusing, yet frustrating at times game to play, and you should heavily consider either making a sequel, or just making more horror games in general, please. :) 


mad scary game good job puppet combo 

bro make your own thumbnail lmfao 

my bad i thought coryxkensin got it from google 

your all good it was just funny

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Thank you so much! i will give you credit in desc

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if yall haven't played Buzz-Saw Blood House you should its fire

What a difficult game! I liked it though lol

Can’t wait to play this game soon!

really good scary game puppet combo! 

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Awesome. Full Playthrough, I guess. Excuse me, a question, please: Is this game was inspired in the books or movies of  "Re-Animator(1985)" and/or " Frankstein (1931)" ? Well this one seemingly mix both here.

It's inspired by old Italian zombie movies, namely the Gates of Hell trilogy and Burial Ground.

Yes! It came to my mind as well.

I like story of the little girls and the doctor. It was hard to run around the zombies but the game was pretty cool. I also get the ps1 style gameplay but it was hard but I enjoy playing this creepy game. 

Can't get this to work on the M1 Mac which is such a bummer!

players live


Good, but hard haha


the Glass Staircase has a special place in my heart. It was my first ever Puppet Combo game. I immediately became a patron for the last 3 years. I also decided to stop streaming on Twitch and promote indie horror on youtube instead. Thank you for your inspiration on indie horror!

Full Playthrough No Commentary 


Good grief, I enjoyed this game - right up to the moment where I needed to engage in combat. The shooting controls are abysmal... but the atmosphere, the tone, the initial story and story delivery... Mmm-mmm, splendid. Fixed cams used to brilliant effect, evoking Italian horror films and slowly soaking the player in dread... Why is this not on Steam? (With changes to the shooting controls, natch)

Added to our indie games list on the Fixed Camera Appreciation Society!

the best montage (with the glass staircase included btw)


Wish there was a checkpoint before the red boss.


Yo wtf... why no steam release?

Is there a way for me to play this using my own keyboard and mouse setup? I'm new to this genre and gameplay format and really struggling with the gamepad setup.

Hello late as always I am BUT this was a cool game, I did beat the whole thing & honestly it scared me pretty well tbh. Truth be told the large amounts of text did annoy me a little  won't lie but still it was fun or should I say scary. 

When will Glass Staircase and Night of the Nun physical copies be restocked? Also will you do another black label version of Babysitter Bloodbath?

puppetcombo, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it perfect ♡♡

I just finished this game. I'm not ashamed to say, this game took me double the time people are quoting lol. To be fair, I'm much more experienced with console games. I didn't even know there was a "run" button (shift) or a pause screen (esc) until I  died at the first enemy lol.

I love old school PS1 era survival horror. It's so nice to have a fresh new entry in the genre. This game oozes passion and I am glad to support Puppet Combo. Keep it up!

Hello! is these bundle runing ok on macos catalina? let me know to buy it. Thanks!


This is my other gameplay in Spanish 


Hi, enjoy my gameplay in Spanish


The part after you leave the sewer is pretty damn glitchy, if you take the wrong door (which you can do through the fire) you can come into older versions of the area without enemies or fire. And even if you go into the right room where the ladder is, if you press the electronics on the wall you'll once again get the cutscene of you hiding as the red man clomps inside for  a stroll. And if you shoot a zombie that's already been felled it stands up again for you to kill it allover again. Then during the final fight, the door you came out of was open but gave the message that it was locked =P

I hope you fix all these glitches so I can recommend the game to people, because the rest is pretty solid =)


Hi this is my gameplay in Spanish, hope you like it

Bought the bundle, like a ton of people really should. Love the game with everything from atmosphere to sound design honestly chilled me... like really chilled me. Not to mention the writing of the notes and journals you find are phenomenal and really add to the experience. My only problem is that the game when confronting that thing in the place (Trying to avoid spoilers) you don't get a save point and repeating that whole segment made it more of a drag then a horror experience. Still I think I'd recommend this game.

That is the most common complaint. If you speed run it, you should be able to get back to that point in about 5 minutes 

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Oh no I got back and completed it but, just thought it was a little tedious as I died more than once and just had to repeat the same segment. Still think it's fantastic and all just made took me out after the second death, which was admittedly me just kinda being trash at survival horror.

Bought the Puppet Combo bundle and can get every game file to unzip on my mac except for this game, any advice? I always get a message that says "Unable to Expand Error 1 Action Not Permitted" 

Hi! Try unarchiver:

It worked! Thank you guys so much 😭, I love your games and I'm super excited to play this

Glad it worked! Hope you enjoy

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My game will not accept input from keyboard/mouse at the title screen. I'm on Linux Mint 

Have you had any luck with it yet? I have not tried the game on linux mint 

yes sorry for the late response, it started working great! 


Just playing the game for the first time. So far I've died twice at the red guy and have had to start over from the beginning of that section. I know this game was put out awhile ago, buuuut... if there was an autosave after entering that room, where the red guy comes out and attacks you, that would be very helpful lol.  Just a suggestion of course!



This is such a dumb question but what are all the controls for the game?

Check the menu you can find the controller mapping.

Hi, i've been having trouble getting this to run on Debian. Any suggestions? i'm so pumped to play, i'm getting a windows laptop soon but i'd love to be able to get the glass staircase to run on debian. 


Dunno if you still have this issue, but I'm running Pop OS and I had to switch the game to windowed mode before it wouldn't crash when i clicked "new game" 

Wich program did you use to make this game?

I think they used unity?

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