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This is my other gameplay in Spanish 

Hi, enjoy my gameplay in Spanish

The part after you leave the sewer is pretty damn glitchy, if you take the wrong door (which you can do through the fire) you can come into older versions of the area without enemies or fire. And even if you go into the right room where the ladder is, if you press the electronics on the wall you'll once again get the cutscene of you hiding as the red man clomps inside for  a stroll. And if you shoot a zombie that's already been felled it stands up again for you to kill it allover again. Then during the final fight, the door you came out of was open but gave the message that it was locked =P

I hope you fix all these glitches so I can recommend the game to people, because the rest is pretty solid =)

Hi this is my gameplay in Spanish, hope you like it

Bought the bundle, like a ton of people really should. Love the game with everything from atmosphere to sound design honestly chilled me... like really chilled me. Not to mention the writing of the notes and journals you find are phenomenal and really add to the experience. My only problem is that the game when confronting that thing in the place (Trying to avoid spoilers) you don't get a save point and repeating that whole segment made it more of a drag then a horror experience. Still I think I'd recommend this game.

That is the most common complaint. If you speed run it, you should be able to get back to that point in about 5 minutes 

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Oh no I got back and completed it but, just thought it was a little tedious as I died more than once and just had to repeat the same segment. Still think it's fantastic and all just made took me out after the second death, which was admittedly me just kinda being trash at survival horror.

Bought the Puppet Combo bundle and can get every game file to unzip on my mac except for this game, any advice? I always get a message that says "Unable to Expand Error 1 Action Not Permitted" 

Hi! Try unarchiver:

It worked! Thank you guys so much 😭, I love your games and I'm super excited to play this

Glad it worked! Hope you enjoy

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My game will not accept input from keyboard/mouse at the title screen. I'm on Linux Mint 

Have you had any luck with it yet? I have not tried the game on linux mint 

Just playing the game for the first time. So far I've died twice at the red guy and have had to start over from the beginning of that section. I know this game was put out awhile ago, buuuut... if there was an autosave after entering that room, where the red guy comes out and attacks you, that would be very helpful lol.  Just a suggestion of course!


This is such a dumb question but what are all the controls for the game?

Check the menu you can find the controller mapping.

Hi, i've been having trouble getting this to run on Debian. Any suggestions? i'm so pumped to play, i'm getting a windows laptop soon but i'd love to be able to get the glass staircase to run on debian. 


Dunno if you still have this issue, but I'm running Pop OS and I had to switch the game to windowed mode before it wouldn't crash when i clicked "new game" 

Wich program did you use to make this game?

I think they used unity?


love the classic ps2 feel to this game!

Survival Horror для Русских Пацанов!!!

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The game keeps crashing on me.  When i walk through a room,  when the intercom comes on.   Right from the beginning. The game is unplayable.....     why is this happening?  Kinda want a refund if it cant be fixed

EDIT:     Nevermind....  if i run it on low graphics it doesnt crash.  idk.... it doesnt look as pretty but the story is pretty intriguing. 


A video of The Riverside Incident to give you an idea of other great puppet combo games!

I bought this game,how can I get it?

You should see a button that says download. Follow that.

nowhere can find the download


It should be listed in

If not, you can email for help with downloading.

Are there multiple endings?


No, just one.

Just curious, how long is the gameplay?

About an hour and a half to  two hours.

Oh thanks! :o)

I bought this to play on mac, but it won't install. Or if I use Itch/io installer it doesn't start

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Turns out it just needed the resolution lowered. Thanks. Really enjoying the game.

why are there zero audio setting? or am i just crazy? how do i fix this?


I didn't think it needed one since you can adjust the volume on your speakers

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I just purchased the game and I can't even get past the start screen when I select new game. I followed the read me. Are there certain PC specs this game needs to run?

EDIT: Looks like I had to low the quality on my other PC. I'll have to use my gaming rig for this.

Yes the game may have difficulty in normal settings on integrated graphics cards. Playing in low quality should run fine.

I'm wondering are you doing the games alone or do you have a small team?


Other than the bunch of notes, the game is a masterpiece <3 Thank you for letting us mortals play it.

I can no longer access the options menu during gameplay. When I press ESC it just pauses the game and no menu pops up. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing I try works to get the game working properly again.

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.


And I almost forgot, you just gorgeous game continue in the same spirit, Russia approves :D



I think Devolver Digital would love it they love games with this genre and with the old or pixel graphics


Great game. Thanks for supporting Linux!

How do I save?


It saves automatically at checkpoints.

I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to playing computer games but can I use my PS3 controller for this? It's plugged it but it doesn't work. It works for emulated games. Forgive my ignorance. How can I play this with a PS3 controller? Is it even possible?


NOTE  - tinybaby messaged me on twitter and we were able to sort this out with button remapping


Absolutely. Puppet Combo was super accessible on Twitter and responded right away and was a big help in me playing this game. I'm not a savvy computer gamer (I'm one of those dreaded console gamers) but I wanted to check this game out due to my love of ps1/ps2 era survival horror games. I'm glad I checked it out. 


my ps4 controller seems to work fine at the main menu but it isn't recognized once i'm in game, and all the controller mapping features within the options are grayed out. any help would be appreciated! stunning looking game!

I can't remap the controls. I want to switch the positioning of run and action, on a 360 controller, and when I do, it shows in the menu that it has changed, but the actual controller inputs remain default.


Thanks for letting me know. I will look into it.


Thanks for the quick reply, I forgot to check this site for a response. I made a membership for this game, so I forgot it existed, lol. I wasn't able to fix the controller issue, but I beat the game anyway. I think you did a great job on it.

Had a slight problem where the second to last boss would not come down so I could fight him, but it's alright. I'm glad there were key bindings for a PS4 controller. That made the whole experience a lot more fun.

Make sure you turn on all 4 switches first.

Here is part 2 of my playthrough of The Glass Staircase. It actually got more terrifying! Not really as terrifying as your other games but it's still pretty terrifying!

Not much of a fan of the whole gameplay, especially the rifle aim. I know you've already patched it but it's still a bit of a problem lol

Amazing game. Well done! 


put this game on Steam please


I will be in the future! Key will be provided if you get on itch

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how long does it take to beat the game approximately?


Average playtime is 1.5-2.5 hours. It's around movie length.

Am I missing somthing where is the sound bars? This game is LOUD AF and im trying to still talk in discord without turning my pc sound down to 30%

They will be added to the next (and hopefully final) update 


seen the game played start to finish. wish this was on steam so i can buy it. i only buy steam games :)


I only buy games that aren't on steam.


I only buy games on Epic Store and and Steam


I only buy games that are on


Played this game and I am loving it! Although, I have been focusing more on the atmosphere and not on the story. This is why I start getting a little "bored". Next time, I will have a different approach of attitude when playing this game.

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