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Hi There! Bought this game last night, but when I play, the menu doesn't appear when I hit the ESC button, the characters simply pause.


Hi, that is very strange. I haven't heard about any issues like that in any testing so far. Please email me ben[at] Thanks

Is there a fix for this? Because I am now having the same issue.

I was playing the linux version downloaded on Patreon/Google Drive link and the game crashed at Dorothy phase, probably last scene :(

Oh I think I know why, the Google Drive link had just the x86 version and not the x86-64 version ... but now I'm not on Patreon anymore :'( this is sad...

Hi, yes you are right, I did not have the 64-bit version uploaded. Please email me: ben[at]


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Linux Build is up!

What kind of timeframe are you looking at for a Steam release?

In the next few months,

Hi! I would like to download the game and play on Mac. Which system requirements are on Mac for running the game? Thanks :) 

Hi, I imagine any mac from the past 5 years would be able to run it fine. One of my problems with doing mac version, is not actually owning one to test it. But refund is always an option if it doesn't run on your system.

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Hey some new features have been added in version 1.03!

  • Aim-assist (especially helpful when using a controller)
  • Rebind-able keys
  • A low res mode that runs the game with no shadows (for older computers)
  • and lots of little fixes and improvement.

I'm planning a Steam release at some point, so you'll receive a key in the future when it launches if you purchase on itch.

That should cover most of the requested features I've seen that I agree should be added. Linux mode is hopefully coming next.

This looks pretty great, but I don't own any Windows systems; Is there any chance of a Linux version?


Thanks. I will do a Linux version if possible.


The Linux version is up.

is this game fullscreen only?  

No, you can start it in windowed mode. I'm working on a menu option to toggle full screen in the next update.

nice, I only have one monitor so I gotta stream windowed games.  thanks for the response

Window / Full Screen toggle has now been added in game

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The game is actually really well made and has a great horror atmosphere, I even made a video on it! (2 more coming soon) However I did encounter a bug maybe? I beat Dorothy and made my way to where the monster first attacks you, I died but when I went back to face the monster, I can see him standing on the scaffolding but nothing I do triggers the attack anymore, spent about 20 minutes trying to get him to go! Either way, great game!


Awesome! You probably need to turn on the control panels.


I've turned on all 3 control panels, the first encounter i had 1 not activated and the cutscene activated but the second time all 3 were turned on before I entered the boss room.

What computer requirements are recommended for this? I don't have the best PC and would like to make sure my computer can handle the game before buying. Thank you!


I'm not sure to be honest. 4gb of ram and any video card from the past 8 years should be fine I imagine.

Hey hi! Do you allow for rebindable controls?

Hi, it does not (yet), but it has a pretty standard controller setup.

I'll see about adding that in the future.

OK, thanks. I'll come back then.


It's been added!

Cool, so anyone can play with a keyboard and mouse now?

Checked it, a couple remakrs:

When I change the command for A to bind it to Q, it prompted me saying Q was already assigned, but it doesn't look so.

Also, adding a link in the main menu to key rebinds (and even options) would be cool.

Oh and also a "Resume Game" option in the pause menu so that we don't have to press Escape.

Haven't played much but interesting work you've done. I'll come back to it later. :)

Thanks for letting me know. I'm working on a 1.04 update at the moment. Main menu options aren't really viable because of some technical reasons, but I'll look into the other stuff.

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Could i get your game for free ? I mean i bought Power drill massacre, babysitter bloodbath,nun massacre and im kinda broke rn.I would really appreciate you if you sent me a key at 


bro just become his patreon you can get all games for 5 bucks a month


You really think im about to pay 5 dollaes a month ?

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can you remake 7 days salvation, it's a ps1 silent hill style if you want to look the link.

some videos for 7 days salvation.


I feel like Margrets part needs checkpoints, since the aiming isnt all that great and its easy to die 

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Hi! The game locks up and crashes on the post-new game loading screen on my Windows 8.1 machine.

Hi can you email me at ben [at] so I can help figure out what's wrong? Thanks


Hi! Does this game have controller support?


Hi, yes it does.


Good Girls Take Their Pills 


How can I send the error reports to you? My game crashes randomly in the first room, sometimes when the cutscene triggers, when I try to drink the tablet or when I approach other characters


Hi, please send it to ben [at] and I will work on a fix. Thanks!


I looked around the internet and it seems that it had to do with my drivers not being updated, now it seems to be working fine, but thanks for the quick response anyway!


Awesome, updating your drivers fixed the issue? Great to hear!


Small bug: When the sound system is calling the girls in the beginning, the subtitles are cut before you can read what is being said. 


Thanks I will make them longer


When you re-spawn and meet Dorthy again while everything is on fire I was not able to go through the door that leads back to the lab and I re-spawned three times but no luck. I had no problems with it before I died for the first time.)


Thanks for bring this to my attention. Yes, it seems like it only happens when continuing a saved game , which is why it was missed during testing. A patch is on the way.


The fix is up 1.01!
You'll be able to use your save data, so you can pick up right where you left off.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my save file is gone with the 1.01 update (I can still access it from the previous version.)


Don't worry 'bout it. I went through the whole game again and beated it with no deaths so I don't even know if the fix does work or nah. Got 4 hours of footage to edit so ama see y'all on the flip side.


So far so great. This game is very unique and different from Puppet Combos other games. I'm really loving this so far!

Thank you :)

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