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just now purchased the game and played the first part of it. Already worth the bundle purchase!



wow, this game is scary as hell! my only minor complaint is how long it takes to get into the building, but other than that this game is amazing. I didn't get to beat it yet and I'm sure you have plenty of feedback but keep making these great games <3 

i only have one complaint: i was on the floor where you get the screwdriver and went to drop it to make noise, but when i dropped it i stepped on it at the same time and it glitched underneath the floor. i don't know if this is a bug or a exploit but can this be fixed so i don't have to worry accidently glitching out an item.

Besides that this game is fricking scary and fricking awesome. Good job puppet combo

i have played the game for a while but i want to use my xb1 controller how do i do that please help thank you

This game is so amazing!!! I'm step by step finding the way to beat it!

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Hey. I watched a couple of videos on Youtube about your game, and your project has seemed interesting to me. I can't play it myself because I'm too impressionable. So, I've decided to write to you. I think that your project should be seen by more people. Therefore, I want to know if there is an opportunity that I can help with, like localization (Russian language)?

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Hey puppet combo I finally faced my fears with this one. This was a good play very intense!

Also, If anyone could come to the video and show some love it would be greatly appreciated I'm not begging or anything I'm just asking. Thank you

~Krimzan_order gaming



You are a demon for making this game, Puppet combo. Hats off to you. 

Im having trouble downloading it, i have followed instructions but nothing worked, puppet combo could you help me out

Can you explain what isn't working?

yeah  when i try to install the nun massacre it stops installing half way through, im not sure if its the internet or not,  but i really want to play this game so bad

Installing this game just means extracting the zip file. Have you tried 7-zip?

yeah i have used 7-zip but nothing has worked sorry if this id causing problems

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The troubleshooting page is the best way I know how to explain installing it

Start at step 4 on the infographic

Whoopi no, those were my eyebrows.

Why do you want to destroy peoples hearing ?


Can't you just decrease the volume in the settings?

Really Enjoyed Playing This I Still Have To Finish It Though!

great game just wish they got a checkpoint

I'm considering buying the game and play it on my channel but I would like to know the specs first to see if I can run it on my computer please.

You can run it. I bet 100 dollars

then i hope it doesnt run


HEY, this game is very very NOT scary... um.. imma go now, watch this video tho

Anyone know what program this game was made in? I like the style.

Unity, I believe

It was made with Unity but that has very little to do with the aesthetics

Played this game so many times and only managed to get pretty far and I tell you what anyone who wants to play a horror game and really wants to get fucking scare, This is the game for you. Also if you are really into puppet combo's games you go for there patron like I did.

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This horror game reminds me of the Sisters of Mercy case. Also, it’s too easy for me now.

who the hell is emily 


she do be in the 2d textures tho

Just posted this vid! Check it out if you like, I hide a lot and get scared of nothing :)

new vid, it has some really good goofs, i would love some support its really hard to grow when small :3

eu amo os jogos da puppet combo esse jogo nun massacre. tem uma ambientação incrível vale muito apena comprar este jogo :) a e tem um fato estranho o jogo não tem save :(  . estou com uma preguiça de fazer uma analise #br :) 

I really love that game but don't like to have to finish it in one go . Will there be save system soon ?

I love this game <3, even though I got scared :)

I really wanna play this game but i cant pay caus im from another country. i need help

New puppet combo video, there are some super funny jumpscares in there, i would love feedback and support <3

night of the nun

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night of the nun

I was gonna play. But I’m a huge pussy


One Coryxkenshin video and now I own 5 Puppet Combo games.

lol i watch him to this puppet combo games arnt for evryone

Another Puppet Combo classic right here! 

New Game thoo Murder House is crazy also by puppet combo!!

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i bought this game awhile ago but i had recently had to reset my pc, how do i download it again?


If you still have access to your old account, you can log in and find it in

If you can't get into your old account, please email and they should be able to help.

Having the nun chase you through the vents is just evil, haha. Pure evil! Really cool game though!


I nearly shit my pants!!!

I came from Martin Rockström 


Who here from CoryxKenshin


The game has a few good jumpscares and the blood and gore is kinda too much!I mean I have a problem seeing mutilated limbs and a sink with blood and mutilated limbs!It's her breakfeast ain't it?WELL I WAS FUCKIN' KIDDING THIS GAME IS DAMN reminds me of Old school horror movies oh how I loved watching them giving shivers down my spine.   AND PUPPETCOMBO I LOVE ALL YOU'R GAMES EXCEPT POWER DRILL MASSACRE IT'S A LIL' BUT TOO MUCH



WHEN SHE STARTED CHASING ME THE NUN,I could've commited suicide to save my self

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