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NIGHT OF THE NUN (2018) - A letter has arrived at your house under mysterious circumstances... your daughter has fallen ill at her boarding school. As you make a trip to pick her up, a storm blows in and the road is blocked. You continue on foot through the woods and all hell soon breaks loose...

Hide from the PSYCHOPATHIC nun at all costs! She hungers for BLOOD and you are the next course! Nothing could prepare you for a NUN MASSACRE! Terrifying ps1 style stealth horror.

  • Stealth horror gameplay. It's a DEADLY game of Hide and Seek!
  • 5th gen graphics. It looks like a lost Playstation 1 game!
  • Pick your preferred image format - VHS, black & white or psx
  • There are multiple endings and secrets to unlock in the NUN'S nightmarish lair

"This game reminds me a lot of Granny, but it's actually good. And probably has the scariest atmosphere I've ever witnessed." -oompaville

"Even more intense than Powerdrill Massacre" - Neco The Sergal

NOTE TO YOUTUBERS - I've added an alternate title of 'Night of the Nun' to 'Nun Massacre'. While I haven't heard of any lets play videos being demonized over the massacre title, feel free to use the alternate title if you want to be extra safe




Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.95 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Nun Massacre (Windows) 1.1.6.zip 466 MB
Nun Massacre (Mac) 1.1.6.zip 475 MB

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Puppet Combo games are causing health issues, but it was a hell of a time. 


How long till the demo disk ships?

It ships in about a day

Thank you.

Hi developer

Could I write  introduction by your game team  im my naver blog? (naver : korea website) 

because I am inspired by you


is this ever going to get the last update? 

Yes, sometime in January

Hi bought the game i think 3 days ago, and the game shows that its running on my taskbar after i select the graphics for it, but then its just a white blank window when i click on the game, but i can still hear the sounds from the game too. Not sure what to do.

Please email me at ben [at] puppetcombo. com so I can help. Thanks

Do i send you an email through outlook?

However you'd like to send it is fine


Blood Sister: One Tough Nun

can i use a controller to play this game?

Not yet but controller support will be added in the future.

ok thank you 

Do you know the date on which stay out of the house appears on steam? or is there still a time to reach its full version?

hey so I’ve been wondering, the patreon and itch.io links for feed me billy aren’t working for me, so could you possibly upload feed me billy to steam? It would mean a lot to me, thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!


Hi, the link works on patreon, you just have to sign up for $5 or more and you get all my games. It's probably going to remain exclusive on there.

Ay, ay, ay, I see you delaying the game till the 27th. You ain't smooth, big fella. *sips tea*

There isn't an official release date for Stay out of the House yet.  It's not going to be out on the 27th either. The story and gameplay for early access version will be finished this month, but it'll need further polishing for steam, plus I have to setup achievements, trading cards and all that

For some reason it says that it will be released on the 22th then after it reached that date yesterday it went to the 27th. Might be an error. (Gimme dem trophies boi.)


this game makes me clench my butt cheeks tighter than the security in the white house 


This game is really challenging and scary. I had to quit... but I'll be back Nun!!


If you don't come back, the nun wins

Woah, this looks awesome!! I would play it, but im a wimp and freakin scared when i play horror game and sometimes shriek like a little girl even though i am a girl maybe another time.

finally got to play nun massacre i must say it scared the hell out me puppet combo .i was lucky at first  didnt see her until i found a few items then she got me. love yours games i cant wait for more games from you and stay out of the house.

Oh look, more nightmare fuel! 

Another horror gem from Puppet Combo without a doubt. Love the games, man. You've been killing it! Been a fan since Power Drill Massacre, and looking forward to Stay Out Of The House.


Deleted post

Yes, there are multiple camera filters. Some are clearer than others


Does anyone know if this is controller compatible?

Hi, no not yet. I will be adding it in the future


Oh, yay! Thanks for the quick reply. I've heard nothing but good things. So, I'm definitely trying this one out.

God damn man. Great game! Little question. How do you make these covers (like the thumbnail of the video)?

Greetings and a nice/spooky Halloween season!

Thanks :) It's just editing in Gimp or photoshop. And looking at references for the style. Spooky Halloween to you too!

Thank you!


I played the game.

I now regret playing it.....

(I actually don't regret playing the game lol, but it's too scary XD. Also, Unless switching the video mode to PSX doesn't speed up performance of the game, I don't know what will lol. It was quite laggy when encountering the nun and that's why I couldn't escape...... plus the loudest noise ever lol)

Damn, that is lagging. Have you tried playing without video capture and/or with the 'fastest' quality? Please email me your computer specs if you can. I'll try to further optimize the game in an update. Thanks :)

Scariest game on itch.io
I can't stop playing it, this is truly a cut above the rest.


puppet combo please give me the game for free i really want to play it

(1 edit) (+1)

This time I take a break from development to play your game!

Really awesome game!  I enjoyed playing this! :D



why is it not free :( come on 


indie developers deserve to make some cash too! $5 isn't an unreasonable amount for a well-made indie game. 


Well then they should at least have a free demo. To make sure this game is the kind game someone actually wants before putting money in. With that said, I'm buying it and I'll let know if it's what i thought you was.


Devs are not obligated to do that. Demos are a bonus. Watch a gameplay video to decide if you want it.


1. Gameplay footage counts as a demo.

2. Demos are not bonus in any sense what so ever.

3. Developers should be the ones to promote their works. Not third party Let's Players.


I didn't even think to do a demo. Maybe in the future though :)

I did do a gameplay live stream you can check out.  I start playing at 7:11

too scary to play


ikr lol


Game looks spooky


Deleted post

Very spooky, bet none of you will beat it ;O


Wrong, I beat it! But only once



Awesome! I'm going to try to beat it later :D


Would I be able to have a key for this game, as I am one of the people who have pre-ordered PDM. I got the email from you and I didn't know where else to message you lol.

Email me: ben [at] puppetcombo.com