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NIGHT OF THE NUN (2018) - A letter has arrived at your house under mysterious circumstances... your daughter has fallen ill at her boarding school. As you make a trip to pick her up, a storm blows in and the road is blocked. You continue on foot through the woods and all hell soon breaks loose...

Hide from the PSYCHOPATHIC nun at all costs! She hungers for BLOOD and you are the next course! Nothing could prepare you for a NUN MASSACRE! Terrifying ps1 style stealth horror.

  • Stealth horror gameplay. It's a DEADLY game of Hide and Seek!
  • 5th gen graphics. It looks like a lost Playstation 1 game!
  • Pick your preferred image format - VHS, black & white or psx
  • There are multiple endings and secrets to unlock in the NUN'S nightmarish lair

"This game reminds me a lot of Granny, but it's actually good. And probably has the scariest atmosphere I've ever witnessed." -oompaville

"Even more intense than Powerdrill Massacre" - Neco The Sergal

NOTE TO YOUTUBERS - I've added an alternate title of 'Night of the Nun' to 'Nun Massacre'. While I haven't heard of any lets play videos being demonized over the massacre title, feel free to use the alternate title if you want to be extra safe




The Nun Massacre CD-ROM is here!   Only 300 copies have been made for this special edition. Get them before they sell out for good! Pick one up for Halloween night. Click here.

Nun Massacre Cd-Rom

Cover art: Patrick Driscoll

Nothing could prepare you for a NUN MASSACRE! First a terrifying ps1 style stealth horror, NOW a blood curdling T-SHIRT. Get it here

Nun Massacre shirt


Get this game and 4 more for $18.95 USD
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Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

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Nun Massacre (Windows) 1.1.6.zip 466 MB
Nun Massacre (Mac) 1.1.6.zip 475 MB

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I found this game through an indie game website called indiewod, and I really liked it. They published a great review of this game.


My last video on this game it was the scariest game i have played and i enjoyed it


2 video of this game and im still screaming 

This game is the scariest game i have every played new puppet combo videos coming soon 

Puppet Combo doesn't fail us with Nun Massacre.  While there were quite a few bugs I encountered (nun glitching, items disappearing which caused the run unable to progress) this is still a very very good (and hard) throw back to a better time of PS1 survival horror in line with RE1 and Silent Hill.


hey puppet combo I am just about to buy this game (hopefully) but could you please make a special mode where there are save spots in certain rooms cause I've watched 8-bitryan play this and I could tell he was struggling but yea entirely you're choice

I'm doing a Speedrun video of this game! So don't copyright me! I add the Purchase link to itch.io! 

                                       -ItsGamerSeb Gaming

After one year I beat it 

My second video for this game 馃憜

THIS GAME IS FIRE!! I'll try to beat i on stream its wayy too scary

Genuinely the scariest game I've ever played.
I'd love this to be added onto steam and maybe get updated, it's such a cool and terrifying game for just 4.95.

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Hi, I'm having a problem recently starting the game, whenever I select the game application an error pops up, could you help me?

How can you refund this game?

Hi, I want to know if they can give me a refund because on my mac I tried everything so that I can play and it never left me, thanks. pls answer me quickly:(

I've spent like 2 years playing this off and on without looking up a walkthrough, and it was WORTH IT! Stoked for SOOtH!

Full Playthrough No Commentary w/ Tags All 5 Endings

All 4 VHS Bongo Tapes in order in tags 


hey, is this ever coming to steam? thanks :)


did you use a real nun to make this game? because she looks very real. i think ive seen her on the bus she was very nice and had a big chef hat on her head



this game nearly made me cry, check ya boy kaanDAninja play this game, if you know, u know!!


i bought this game and its scary awesome


is it safe to buy games on this site with a credit card?

yes it was safe for me! i bought power drill massacre tho

Deleted 18 days ago

yes i buyed nun game from here

Has controller support been implemented?

Hello Puppet! I was playing the game lately but I noticed, that the game is verry laggy for me. It got like 5-10 fps minimum and is really hard to play, when that crazy nun starts following you. I am not quite sure, if it is like that because of my pc parts, because tbh its not the best but it can run new gen AAA games with atleast 50fps-60fps so i wouldn't say, that my GPU and CPU could be the problem. I saw at some other comments, that u asked them to email you which i tried aswell but it told me, that this email adress was not available :P. Idk what the issue is but i actually hope, that u can help me because I am really looking forward to play and enjoy that game :)

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Try updating your PC and drivers, that should fix things.

i will and thank you. Ill come back to you, if it didnt work :P

by the way. What are your recomendet settings for me to use? Like should i use the max screen resolution (1920x1080) and fastest graphics quality or should i make the res lower and a dif quality? Because my gpu drivers are up to date and didnt really change anything :p

of course! lower them. probably because of the old system you have

Bro i didnt even know i could hit these high notes with my voice crazy game puppet combo

voc锚 ainda pensa em colocar os jogos no vapor ?


Looking into this game I wasn't really thinking a whole bunch of the reviews, I did happen to glance at them and just kinda said "Yeah whatever". They're true, they all are. NOW PLAY THIS GAME ALREADY!!

If your looking for a game to scream a lot in, this is most likely the game for you. This is the third video I've made on this game, that's how good it is.

This was most definitely the scariest game I have ever played

its puppet combo..you know what happened

Are there any more games? I like your game very much!

Title says it all... was honestly terrified. Puppet Combo, y'all did y'all thing with this game!

bring this game to steam bro


Amazing game. I was so scared when I first encountered the Nun. I managed to get 3 endings and I am still playing to find the others.

At first, I didn't understand the objective nor the map, the Nun killed me right away and the game just closed and I had to start over. I know it is supposed to be like that but when playing for the first time with no experience and no idea what to do it is weird to die and to close the game. After I got past the first part I had to look at a walkthrough because I was too scared to die and lose the progress but realized later that after you learn the map and all the stuff it actually doesn't take that much time to get your progress back. 

One more thing I didn't know is that you can hold multiple items and I thought my items just disappeared and had to restart the game, but I realized later when I looked at the controls. Maybe after you pick up the first item (the lighter) a text should pop up that says "Press Z to open inventory". That could have saved me a lot of time since I had to restart the game after playing for like 15 minutes because I thought the items disappeared xD

Of course, these things may have happened just to me because I didn't read the controls before playing or other things but this could happen to some other players

Anyways, overall the game was really nice, I loved it and would recommend it 4.5/5 :) 

Best horror experience, scared me so much that I had to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard so I can stay 5 meters away from the screen.

Keep up the good work! :)

Can't open it on mac..

Try this http://puppetcombo.com/troubleshooting


bloody didnt even get the game bloody fraud cant even refund either


Email support@itch.io ?

What happened to Day 7?!


I made it, finished it and released it.

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But I can't find this to itch.io or Steam! BTW, when will you release Night Shift/Stay Out of the House on Steam & itch.io?!


It's on patreon: http://patreon.com/puppetcombo

There's no release date announced for Stay out of the House

Will this ever come to steam? 


The perfect PS1 Horror game: left me on edge and worried throughout! 


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饾摐饾攤 饾摋饾摳饾摲饾摦饾摷饾摻 饾摃饾摬饾摶饾摷饾摻 饾摂饾攣饾摴饾摦饾摶饾摬饾摦饾摲饾摤饾摦 饾摕饾摰饾摢饾攤饾摬饾摲饾摪 饾摚饾摫饾摬饾摷 饾摉饾摢饾摱饾摦馃槼  


I loved it, and I'll probably play it more, after I've done       some research on all the different endings haha.

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