Nun Massacre Disc

The Nun Massacre CD-ROM is here! Just in time for October. 

Get them at the Puppet Combo store:

Only 300 copies have been made for this special edition. Get them before they sell out for good! Pick one up for Halloween night

Get Night of the Nun... aka Nun Massacre

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Just gotta say, you're the only developer I'm actually eager to see create.  Everyone else is freaking out about Smash Bros., and I'm just like "damn, night shift is dope."

combinação de marionetes, por favor, estou muito doente e minha campainha está jogando esse jogo, mas minha família não pode pagar esse jogo porque eles compram meu remédio para sobreviver, não sei quanto tempo aguento essa dor, você pode medir esse jogo de presente natal jogo de amor horro você pode me enviar um link por favor, e Feliz natal que outras pessoas estão dizendo

hey mate is night shift a spin off to pitchfork massacre



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hey puppet combo i played stay out of the house 0.7.3. i tried to change the gamma with the arrow keys and then the screen turned black now. every time i try the house it's just the title stay out of the house,then the credits and then the screen turned black and with the prolouge its just 9 days later and then the screen turned black again,please help puppet combo 

Did you try turning the gamma back up?

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yah every time i try to do anything its just a black screen and a little white dot and if i go to the options its just a black screen. so i can't see shit. and if your wondering yes i turned the gamma up with the arrow and the screen turned black

Thanks for letting me know. I will fix that in the next update. In the meantime, you can delete your config file to return all the settings to default. Navigate to:

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\LocalLow\Puppet Combo\Stay out of the House

With 'YOUR USE NAME' being the user name on your computer. When there delete the file 'Config' and everything will be normal again.

thanks mate it worked