Nun Massacre 1.1.6 Update

Nun Massacre 1.1.6 is here! Not a huge update, but I made some minor usability upgrades, mostly based on watching people play the game

  • Added a new ending
  • increased the inspection range on the barb wire pit
  • Added strings to the usable items. Such as 'throw' for the rock
  • Increased the range of the radar
  • Replaced the opening music due to false copyright claims on youtube. The original track is public domain, yet was being falsely claimed. It's been replaced with a brand new jazz track by Nick Bassett
  • Updated the credits with new Patrons

Nun Massacre should receive one or two more updates before I declare it totally complete. I don't want to get too deep into whats coming next because it might spoil it, but I will say it'll be some additional story content. Controller support is on the list as well. And a special bonus mode you won't want to miss....


Nun Massacre Original (Windows) 466 MB
Oct 19, 2018
Nun Massacre Original (Mac) 475 MB
Oct 19, 2018

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Is there a difficulties in this game?! Like Easy Mode or Hard Mode!

there is in the newer version

Sad that this "Secret Mode" never made it into existence... :(

little do you know.

i deleted the game and the files and i cant get it back do i have to buy the game again?

Nah it should be in your library.

I bought it and it took my money twice and it still says I need to buy it ???

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

how to download?

I don't know how to play


i wish that this game is free i dont have any money