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a really successful game .. even if I didn't get very far.✌✌✌✌

Scariest Game We Have Ever Played. Watch The Video To Our Reaction First Time Playing It!

PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. SERIOUSLY  😟. 10/10 though. Had fun making this video, Check it out for yourself. 

Literally the scariest game I've played. Normally I could speedrun a horror game like Outlast, but this is just too much for me.

i love your games 

and love pupet combo

Holy dam this game so loud 

Is there any chance at the CD-ROM release going back in stock? I'd love to pick up a physical copy.

not working on mac... asking for a refund.


don't use a mac

smart boy

Very hard. Very Scary!

fucking terrifying.


Great game man!! Congratulations!!! I was amazed by the amount of detail and style! Usualy in this kind of game, when you see the killer for the first time, the game kidna gets less scary. But not in this case!! You actualy get even more afraid, since you know that you gotta react really really fast. The angles of the fixed camera, the sounds, the environment, absolutely top notch.

Now, I ecountered I few bugs that broke the experience. I shall list them:

1) When interacting with anything in the sugar tunnel, Megan will get stuck in a endless text cycle. As if she was automaticaly pressing SPACE. This happened in every playthrough and the only way to get out of this is to reset the game. When in VHS mode, this would happen but the screen will also be completely convered with a VHS rainbow effect, being impossible to see anything. This was the worst.

2) One time I got to the "Good Ending" (without even seing the killer) and the game just froze when Megan finds Christine. It was really a bummer.

3) Sometimes Megan just wont interact with the glowing objects like keys.

4) Im many occasions the screen will freeze for a second. Which SEEMED to indicate that the killer was put in the world, but I am not sure about this.


5) Also, sometimes, when I pressed pause, the game would just not get out of the menu. Which made me reset the game.

6) Everytime I reseted the game without closing it, Megan would already spawn in the car with the flashlight. And I THINK she also has the keys already, and maybe that caused the bug number 03. But this logic was inconsistent, sice sometimes I would get the keys and sometimes I woulndt.

Keep up the good work! Congratulations and I am dying to try some other titles.

Alright beat the second game! I got to say that the difficulty really ramped up from Babysitter Bloodbath. I thought the monster was really terrifying! However, the monster just appears out of nowhere which makes it hard to survive. Thankfully, I was able to beat it and get the good ending too. Thanks for making this game!
I wore my pants, thank u)


Puppet Combo, do you intend to launch your games for other platforms, for new players? Consoles and Mobiles?


I regret playing this game. The pain and misery this game has brought me is unbearable, every time i close my eyes all i hear is the faint whisper of a power drill, haunting me wherever i go, this game has doomed me and i will never forget it. Good game though.

Great presentation. :-)

this game is awesome keep up the god work puppet combo

dude i just got this game its sooooooo lityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Can you release the music that plays on the hideout of the killer? "make them pure like children"

I loved this game! Super hard to beat and I never had a jumpscare and screamed so bad before in a game! The retro aspect to this game is spontaneous! Keep up the good work Puppet Combo! 👍


sooo when is this gonna be out of early access?


No one knows

i tried installing on a mac and im greeted with a "you do not have permission to open the app"

Try the instructions here:

hey puppet! i couldn't find ur other games . How will i do ?

You can see on steam but I only found 1 game

hello puppet combo im having trouble installing night of the nun on windows, i have followed the instructions and nothing has worked, it keeps saying failed network error, i have tried multiple times to get it working, i really want to play though 

Can you explain what isn't working?

eyy cracked out another no commentary for the puppetcombo playlist :)


Hi puppet combo. i'm a game developer, and i want know: Power Drill Massacre will receive a online version? Like private matches? I love the game so much and i'm thinking to make an online version of the game. PLZ ANSWEAR MEEEEE!!

PuppetCombo, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it perfect ♡♡


Been trying to beat the game for quite some time, I hope the full version will be released soon since it's been 4 years :(
I love these devs though, keep up the great work.


Very good, but still kinda bugged. 

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How to download? I want to play this horror game


Buy the game. 


yes buy it


This is still in development?




This game is so great. I'm sad I bought the Bundle a month ago. I want to play Samhain!!!! ;(




Puppet? Why don't you release Samhain by itself? And some of your other lesser known games?


I saw the read me file and tested the gamepad, It works fairly well.


Wow, love it. 1 problem, can u add a game save. It's kinda annoying to restart everytime.

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Any updates on when the fixed, 3rd and 1st person cameras and Jeff campaign is coming? Also how do I save the game?


Can you guys give me tips on how to beat the game? also like and subscribe if you like the video!


Stay out of the sugar tunnel



Does this game works on MAC CATALINA??

I'm not sure, I don't have a mac to test it on

shucks can how can i play now..

bro you have to download the app and install powerdrillmassacre on their and then play it thats how it worked for me your welcome bro bro!

It worked on Catalina for you BRO?

yes bro

It does I ran it just fine

Is this an educational game?



No. It's a horror game

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