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I bought this game and am struggling to open it and play it. Any advice



Há alguma chance dos seus jogos irem para no PlayStation 4 ou 5? Sou um grande fã dos seus games e gostaria muito de poder jogar seus jogos no console. Se possível com legendas em português Brazil.

Is it normal that the download is a winzip? All the other games are downloaded as winrar docs...


The game wont start or show up at all.

hi there im pay for babysitter bloodbath just now and im still got no email link can you help pleses

I bought this, played this, I love this.
Simple as that. These games are an hommage to early B horror movies. The fact we are able to play them, and puppetcombo takes the time to make them are simply the best things ever. THANK YOU PUPPETCOMBO (and co.). Keep making these they are the greatest thing I stumbled on in the last years as a hardcore gamer/developer.

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I seem to be having problems getting this game to work. I bought this with the bundle half a year ago, but didn't get around to playing this one in particular. Strangely this is the only one that won't work. I try to boot it up, and I get nothing but a blank program on my taskbar. Not even a window.

Edit: It seems that none of the games I bought on are working today for some reason.

To get the games to work on your desktop you have to create a shortcut of the program file.

(extract the files again if the program/.exe file is missing)

That wasn't the problem, apparently. It seems my PC was being stupid that day. It gets stupid quite often. Games might work well one day, and the next they don't. Sometimes I have to change the in game settings of more graphically advanced games based on how my PC feels at the time. I can't explain it any better than that.


This is genuinely an amazing game, I love the atmosphere it builds up and the gameplay and story is great! My first game by you was Stay Out Of the House and I'm so glad I decided to get more

Does this game have gamepad support?


I think so

I've payied for the game with me and my mom and one of my files got deleted i guess almost a year ago i uninstalled it for some reason, could any one help me repair it? Dylannnn#0127

If you log into your account you should be able to download it again.

This game is worth playing, even if you have watched someone else play it. The scares are great, and the sounds eerie! The last level is still one of the hardest I have played in a game lol.


Yeah idk I just be shiddin an fardin

I'm late playing this legendary game, puppet combo never misses. Once again great game, I cant wait to play all the other masterpieces. 

I'm Brazilian and I made a complete game guide with map.

finally hopped on this game, gonna start playing all of your games. i couldn't beat it lol but maybe i'll go back one day 


i downloaded a puppet combo game it says problem with WDL Script fatal engine error E356


Same here :(

Very cool game

I love the puppet combo game.

I know I'm late to the scene but I plan on catching up on your games! I just beat this game as my first one! I absolutely loved it. The comedy, horror, and dynamic aspects of the game were just a blast. The gun is really hard to aim but it did add more the horror element. There were a few bugs such as a red block appearing on my character at times, and if I opened a door too fast the character model get stuck outside. I thought the dialogue was my favorite part about the game. Overall, it is superb and can't believe I haven't played this game sooner.

My game crashes during the opening credits after the designed by portion? Does anyone know why that might be?


I'm not sure but please try the tips here:

pinky is it an "E" on yours as well because everytime i download it the game pops up as an internet icon & wont even play or open

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i can´t play in full screen, 

my game gets small and everything around gets black 

Go to options and change the video from window to full screen. That’s what helped me.

Still one of my favorite gameplays! 

Finally made a vid for this seminal classic. Love your work!

hey, ive been digging into your games and am a big fan! im having an issue with BB. The very first time i ran the game, i was able to get it to go into fullscreen mode. now, every time since, every time i try to go fullscreen, my screen flashes, and i get tabbed out of the game onto my desktop. after that, when i try to tab back into the game, it crashes. any ideas?


Did You Ever figure out how to fix this issue? IM having the same problem. If so tell me how.Thanks

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hello, I have recently bought this game after seeing kubz scouts play it and I was supper motivated to buy it but once I downloaded it I was having trouble actually getting in the game. I found the troubleshoot tutorial and my first problem was that my file didnt download on google drives I of course thought nothing of it and just uploaded the file onto google drives. Then I continued with the tutorial but then I ran into my next problem, my file didnt end with .zip I again thought nothing of it and tried to continue but when I tried to open my file this popped up....The game may not work due to the fact that Im trying to download this on my laptop but anyways I tried to press the open button but it wasnt working any tips? 

A demo gameplay (Night Shift)! I am from Malaysia! I play the game ! I wants to share puppet combo , let everybody knows about it!  

Here's my playthrough! 

Thanks for making this game! :)

Finally added Babysitter to the playlist, always a pleasure to revisit :)

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Played the game on our channel... there are a few REALLY good screams in there most of the way in. So classic and enjoyable. Thank you! 

HI im a small youtuber TheElectroDiamond and i have purchased babysitter bloodbath is there a way i can play this on mac cause i only have a macbook

PuppetCombo, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it very very good♡♡


i downloaded everything i had to, and the files to play never show up anywhere


god dam ridiculous! I’ve jumped through hoops and still can’t play it. Either itch says I don’t own it (which I do!) or it says error because of “build”. This is absolutely fucking stupid it’s this difficult. 

Hello I had a problem similar to this what fixed the problem for me was to download a free version of Winrar 

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We really enjoyed playing & discussing Babysitter Bloodbath on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)!

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We are going through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

This is good stuff!

at the beginning.  After asking for the parent's phone number, the dialogue options come up but they're not clickable.


How can I download your game?


At the part where jack screams, I went to open the door and when I pressed space it blackscreened, and I was unable to select other programs by alt-tab, windows-tab, or close the game by alt-f4. After a restart my PC audio isn't working.

having some issues with the game. It opens then closes and won't run. 

p.s this game looks super cool

Hi, have you tried the instructions on the troubleshooting page?

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