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I'm thinking I'm going to join your patreon after this.

Nun Massacre is a very good and agonizing game, very well done I think it was one of the best horror games from 2018 to 2019, but I have an important question for you.

you intend to make ports for Mobile and Consoles, I really wanted this to happen, your game is very good, the soundtrack is macabre and matches the game against nun, I expect an answer from you, I like all of them the PC, Mobile and Consoles platforms, and I really wanted this game to be for mobile and console, this is a request from a fan <3


hey man, huge freaking fan over here 👈 Probably the scariest one yet next to Murder House. Superb work.

When crouched I found that the nun cannot hurt me though. Even being right up on her. 

Keep up the lovely work.

I'm getting an Error and Must Close message when attempting to open this .exe and some other games (from bundle). Windows 10, laptop, any ideas or help from anyone would be appreciated, thank you

Hi, are you extracting everything out of the zip before playing?

Yes I extract the entire folder. Babysitter bloodbath is the only one I had no troubles; this and the others give me the same error message and a crash report. I dunno if there's a requirement from my computer to open and run the .exe that I don't have?

I may have it working now. I edited Graphic Property settings on my computer. So far so good.

Great! What did you edit?

Right clicked desktop to graphic properties and changed some things like screen resolution and switched display and power settings. I don't know which one did it but I figured my trouble was related to display. It has something to do with the Unity made games. 


Just Tried Out Samhain but couldnt find the gamepage so i figured I would post it hear. The atmosphere was perfect it truly made me paranoid. I look forward to playing nun massacare and your other titles. Keep up the great work!!!

Definitely the scariest game I've played! Extremely unique and just shows that super realistic graphics aren't necessary.

Please put it on Steam I can't buy things online with dollars, just Steam that offers local payments methods. I need to play the game :C

Oh the sweet sounds of my chioldhood.

TILL THIS DAY THIS GAME IS STILL INSANE!! check out my gameplay on it!

Very scary, the only game to make me genuinely scream. I couldn't progress, though, because when I dropped certain items, they randomly vanished... as in, I couldn't find them anywhere. Weird glitch or something. Still a great game, though.


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PUPPETCOMBO yet again showing us that you DON'T need amazing graphics to create one of the most TERRIFYING atmospheres.

I played a couple of scary games w some friends and one of the games was Nun Massacre of course, definitely scared the crap outta me everytime she showed up, ain’t no nun I’ve ever seen before LMFAO, it was very loud on my headsets but it was perfect because it did the job of scaring me and my friend, loved this game 10/10


Just bought this game with allowance money. I don't regret it. (my mom doesn't too!)


It is a pity that the cd rom is in special edition and that you produce only 300 otherwise I would have time to buy it


I have a question for puppet combo. If puppet sees this then have you ever thought about any of these games to turn out for mobile devices?

WOW so cool

I've been wanting to play this game for months, I finally bought it. Good job PuppetCombo


Vaya JUEGAZO!!!!! LO AMO <3




does this game support 32-bit windows?

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Hey man I just bought the game bundle, but whenever I download this game and I try to click on the link when its finished, it just removes itself from the system. I've been trying for the past couple of days to find ways to make the link work, but nothing occurs but just removes itself. I'd be greatly appreciative if you could help me out with this. 

It is because the antivirus is detecting the game as a virus and your browser blocks downloading to resolve when downloading click on the 3 points in the file and learn more and go to download even sign

this game is VERY cool but very hard

and back when i downloaded it i did not have an account so thats also another problem

Send me your email address and I should be able to help.

For this website?

yes hello, i downloaded the game a while ago but just a month ago i accidentally deleted the game, is there a way i can get the game back without paying money? Because i already payed and i don't wanna pay again. 

if you already payed for the game just click in i already payed  

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It should let you download it in your library

What are the system requirements for this game?

i've hesitated to play this game for quite a while ever since i first bought it and let me say, it was worth every second of it no matter how many times i was having a panic attack.

i guess i have gotten over the fear of playing this now.

O que outras pessoas es

Please Puppet Combo, make more games so they are great! It had been years since I had taken such scares

tão dizendo


melhor jogo 


i no longer fear hell for i have been there now


the perfect game ideal for anyone all ages

Hey Pupet combo. I bought the game last 3-4 mouths. However, my brother deleted the file with the game. How can i get it back?

go to your email there is the download link of the game

if you bought it on go to the account you bought it on and download it again

Thank you! It worked!

kulaklığım gitti aq oyunu


Can you play puppet combo games on chromebook??


That Nun is truly

terrifying the and the noise she makes makes your skin crawl. Great game guys.


So I thought after playing this more than once I wouldn’t be scared anymore lol I was wrong 

how do you open the game??

Try this

HI puppet combo it's not letting me play... it keeps on saying extract and then it says that I can't play

Try this

puppet combo I love your games I haven’t played them but I watch Coryxkenshin play them and they look creepy but cool

The best Horror Game that i played in my life, thank you so much to create these games puppet combo, lov u :0

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