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I been trying to download the games from the bundle but when i try to launch the games it says its a virus and my pc blocks the game ,can anybody tell if there is  something going on?

press the button more information and then continue anyway

Great Game

Les dejo mi Gameplay que lo disfruten

I had a ton of fun playing this game!


i played this game on console i literally cant

when will the definitive edition for phones be released?


My boy CoryxKenshin

Literalmente mi juego de terror favorito. Nun Massacre fue el juego que literalmente hacia que me cague del susto, la monja te toma muy desprevenido y el screamer que tiene es brutal. 10/10 recomendado!


Why it's not on steam?


I've wanted to play this game for a long time!

I originally thought that the youtubers who played it were exaggerating. Turns out, I barely moved to different rooms while I was in the nun's domain.

I shit my pants, that's how scary it is. cant even get past the beginning that's how scared i am

doesn't work on mac and i saved up my money :(

I'm sorry to Here that :(, can I ask what type of file it is or the error it brought you. I have a Mac also.


i think this game might be scarier then this game 

Great game, I've been meaning on playing this for awhile. I definitely had far too much confidence that I was safe in the vents. Definitely want to attempt the hardest difficulty, see how relentless this Nun can be! 

FIREE!🔥 She scared the 💩 outta me in this vid.

put this on steam pls

download free pls nun massavre 2023 games

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Alright so, second attempt at Nun Massacre and I got a lot further than the first time (for those of you who found my first video on here), and let me tell you it hasn't gotten easier🤣 The Nun is RELENTLESS, the anxiety you feel just knowing she's out there somewhere creeping around is INSANE.

And to add on top of this there's a baby (or something?) also lurking around for you somewhere too which is something I didn't encounter on my first try, this is pretty cool (and terrifying) as the game experience changes with each time I've played it!

This time I got a lot further than I did my first attempt but now I'm stuck again and I'm wondering if I might have missed some steps before I got to where I finished...

If any of you guys reading this are Nun Massacre pros and would be so kind as to offer me some tips, or maybe a gentle nudge in the right direction as to what I should have done instead in order to progress - without giving away too many spoilers - please drop a reply here or better yet a comment on the video (It would really help out my small channel lol).

Again, this has to be one of the scariest, if not the scariest game I've played, so if you're tryna be terrified for an evening or two I would defo recommend :)

Nun Massacre is like a Power Drill Massacre but it's just easier and it won't hit several times by surprise (From my experience of this great game). The scares make you very nervous like the other games, I really liked its story and even more its update (Definitive Edition). In short, I give it a 9.5/10, good game by Puppet Combo!

scary game puppet combo 

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Hey guys,
unfortunately, I require some help. I have the Mac file (type: Program - Universal) on my MBA M1 (OS: 13.3.1), but for some reason it won't start. What am I supposed to do here? Do I need a certain kind of application in order to be able to execute this file? 

Please help me out, I want to play this gem so badly. Many thanks in advance.

Edit: I've figured it out, thanks to the video provided by Scottelijah39. Awesome!

Played Buzz-Saw Blood House game was fire

Great game but it was tto hard for me lol

Nun Strikes Me When I’m Stuck!!! (Nun Massacre)

jumpscare got me so good haha

I was suggested to play this game by one of my viewers (not thinking much going into it), and wow. Not only is this game UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFYING but it's also pretty damn hard.

I was shocked to find out that the Nun who chases you can also decide TO HIDE FROM YOU? That created a whole new fear factor. On top of this, the audio is spine chilling, headphone warning 100%.

I would suggest is a shorter introduction - although the game offers an option to skip the intro, as a first time player I was unaware if moments from the introduction would've been crucial to my understanding of the rest of the game. 

If you're new to the game, just skip the intro.

Also,  there should be an option to quit to the menu after getting trapped in the barbed wire - the wait can get tedious if you're like me and die a lot LMAO.

I got stuck not realising there was a lock I was supposed to unlatch, but that was my own fault LOL, overall amazing game and I definitely need to make a part 2.

This game was so dang scary 10/10 

pretty sexy game



Хорошо укакался)


Puppet Combo never disappoints

watching gameplay on youtube made me scared

playing the game made me fear

the game isnt working for me :( it says the application cant be opened

Scroll down and watch the video. Hope it works!

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did you try to extract the file

new video

this game is cool but SHE  SAW ME TROUGH A WALL!!


Nun Massacre is easily the greatest Horror Game I've played, and will probably ever play.

Puppet Combo created something special here. Not only does it perfectly recreate that classic PlayStation look, but it achieves a sense of dread that is unmatched.

6.00 is an absolute steal. If you're a fan of Horror, or just solid Gaming in general, you'd be nuts to skip out on this one.

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