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Could this game run on potato pc because when I checked its requirements so it's 8gb ram so I'm kinda confused

Hello!, at the beginning the game runs well, but as i continue playing  it starts to lag a lot until is unplayable, even in the lowest resolution an crt off

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

Uhmm it doesn't recognice the email, can't email there... do you have another email or could you send one to me? mine is

Sure, I emailed you.

Game looks great but I cant run it because of the ddl file


Thanks. Are you starting the game directly from the zip? You first need to extract all of the files.

That was intense

the first image tho

also, heres my lets play

How do you want me to go about giving credit for my let’s play? Would you like a link to the game in the description?

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I had problems with the game, before being a good fps, but now I do not know why I have a lot of delay, I also tried to put it in the smallest resolution, but still with a lot of lag. help :c

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

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Played the game, scary AF. Only thing is, a bit confusing because I was lost most of the time while playing (or maybe I'm just dumb...most likely!)

Anyways, here's my gameplay/Let's Play. Enjoy. :<


I've downloaded the game but I'm having some trouble with actually opening/running the game it self??? I'm confused as to what I need to do?

Extract the files with 7zip ( and click on the Nun Massacre.exe to run the game.

Has the update for controllers came out yet?





How to play


This game is awesome! I attempted a play through but failed because it's that terrifying lol


when i try launch into the game it crashes . i tried running it as admin but still crashes

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

add game in steam please 

Deleted 2 years ago

I did a really edited gameplay so it's not your casual boring gameplay, you'll see:

are you kidding me

You think you can do a Spanish translation for the game?


nobody expects the spanish inquosition


I recommend you play this on full volume. 10/10

I just bought the game and it lags a bit in menu, and a lot when you play it.

Can you try running it in 'fastest' quality? That will speed things up

Man, This is part 2 of my walkthrough and oh my  ... did I get scared!

Just got the good ending. I kinda need explaining.........


Great hiding under beds because you're too scared to get out simulator.


Just watched the Scary Game Squad try to beat this game. Absolutely mortifying sound and visuals. 

This was a great find and a lot of fun. Love the old PS1 graphics, totally reminds me of 80s horror. Very good job!

love it

ive seen many gameplay videos on this and it looks very good hopefully I can get it soon 

Those Nuns are Really SCARY!!!

eu so posso comprar esse jogo com cartao internacional?


Some Really Scary Nuns!!! here's my gameplay:

Can I invert the mouse (Y-axis)?

Hi, no not yet, but I will be adding that feature.

Thank you!

Este jogo é jogado em um computador fraco? i3, 4 ram, 2,00 processador. roda no meu

sim roda mas as vezes trava mas depois de andar pelo mapa carrega e não trava mais testado por mim


Amazing game! Probably the most terrifying game I've ever played!

can you make a mobile or console port plz I don’t have a computer


Thank you for the fast reply! Looking forward to the controller support and the new game!

I understand you work hard on these games and on making them compatible and accessible to players. Much appreciated!

Hey I sent you an email regarding if you would like to collaborate with me. I would love to help you create games and I understand your style. Please reach back to me or let me know, thanks!

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