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This game should be considered an FBI lost file that shouldn't be made out to the public cause its that scary

i cant get pasted the glass door because when i throw the rock at it just goes through the glass and into the room so i cant pick it up again, so i cant progress in the game :(

restart? or reinstall


I would just like to say that there has never been a horror game that has rocked my world like Nun Massacre.

Why have you created such an epic horror game of levels like we have never seen before?

Why am I wearing a diaper?

The game is retro game like playstation 1 style but I don't get it why does it lag like sometimes it is 30 frames, it is supposed to run perfectly because it is a retro game. Maybe because it is unity's problem because a lot of games lag which are made by unity, even though its graphics not that good. But it's not actually a problem I play it with fastest graphics and highest resolution and it's 60 fps, but still let me know

The first Puppet combo game i played, i still think its one of the scarest horror games i played, a great experince, one of my older videos but still kinda funny and cringy :D!!

The scariest game you can play. With headphones this game is game keeps you on edge. The noises and graphics make it a lot scarier than normal jumpscare horror games. 10/10

Bro pretty scary

Picked up all the CD roms and I love them! Did notice the Nun silhouette does get stuck sometimes when climbing up the mountain though.  I notice some drop upon approach but most have stayed still.  Found the same thing to happen upon install of the game and by playing it directly from the CD.

Love the games though!

Scared the hell out me...

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Hey, so I finally got the game. And I found a little bug.

The Nun gets stuck very easily what what I've tested btw. She teleports when going inside an opened drawer, she can't reach you on the toilet wall, she has difficulty hitting you when you're crouching, she also has difficulty hitting you if you simply walk away a little, but not too much. Standing on a bed will result in her watching you or looping her swing animation. She seems to walk slower after chasing you for a while. You can be near her without her noticing you. That means I can follow her into locked rooms easily.

I also have a question, I've seen few videos of Stay Out of the House, and saw  that it has a menu to change gamma, jumpscare sounds, fov, ect. Will Nun Massacre have the same thing when you'll release Stay Out of the House on Steam?

I'm asking because I can't really enjoy the game with 2 of volume because of her chase "music". I love the idea of the chase music but I literally have to mute my sound until she goes away.



i wanna contact u



I bought the game as a gift and it took money from my card yet I did not get the download link

Please email and they will be able to help.

im such a big fan of you and i like your games alot.

When she finds you, it is supposed to be that much loud? Can I adjust the sound? Because my ears hurts xD



Can I use Skrill to buy this game?

I don't think so

Can't wait to play it on Steam! It's the only place where I could buy this. 

I cant play it I downloaded to my HP laptop and I don't know what to do I paid for stay out of the house and nun massacre HELP

You can email me at ben [at] for help.

you should’ve went to your email and looked for it there should be a link

hay your too jogo grátis link plase

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

This game is genius.


This game isn't opening. what am i doing wrong?

restart your pc maybe and try again.

I tried everything i guess it just isn't compatible with my mac. sucks

you mabye have to extract the files.

it just says it can't be opened.

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I made a slightly "laggy" video on it. But I did enjoy this game so much!

i had no problems with the game

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! FINALLY Brave enough to play it!... damn it its fun to watch but so stressful when you're playing it :D 

I need HELP!! I have no idea on how to download this game!

Hi, once purchased it can be downloaded from your itchio library at

you got it yet??

what about a demo version of your games?

there is no demo version

Puppet Combo & team once again prove they are the kings of tension! The sound direction on this one is frightfully delicious. Everytime that alarm bell went off I died a little inside. Great job on the atmosphere & the pacing. I generally went from feeling safe, to feeling like my face was about to be slit off in seconds!

does the game run on weak pc? What are the requirements to run the game?
I want to buy 2 games by paypal, but when I buy ask to add a card and I want to take money from my paypal account someone help me please

Hi, can you email They will be able to help with payment issues.

A double feature based on other puppet combo games!

hey puppet combo i got an idea for a mode for stay out of the house and that mode is nun massacre mode so basically this mode replaces the butcher with the nun

this game go to steam (Valve) ?

hey mate i had fun playing your games

just got the game love it man just sometimes when I get killed by the nun I have to restart my game not a big problem tho

 Please pack the game on Steam!!

Just bought it ,and it's unplayable.Game kept crashing at the start menu.Finally i got it to run,but it lags horribly.Have it on the lowest settings .Looks like a lot of people are having problems running this.

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

dear puppet combo when is the power drill massacre mode update coming

I'm not sure.


And by the way I haven't played this game but still when I watched some videos it is scary as hell and I love that art style, these graphics make the game's atmosphere much scarier and to be honest I wish that someday this game could be free, I'm not saying that it's not worth it but it is kinda embarrasing to say why I wish this game to be free someday

Could this game run on potato pc because when I checked its requirements so it's 8gb ram so I'm kinda confused

Hello!, at the beginning the game runs well, but as i continue playing  it starts to lag a lot until is unplayable, even in the lowest resolution an crt off

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

Uhmm it doesn't recognice the email, can't email there... do you have another email or could you send one to me? mine is

Sure, I emailed you.

Game looks great but I cant run it because of the ddl file


Thanks. Are you starting the game directly from the zip? You first need to extract all of the files.

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