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Great game but it was tto hard for me lol

Nun Strikes Me When I’m Stuck!!! (Nun Massacre)

jumpscare got me so good haha

I was suggested to play this game by one of my viewers (not thinking much going into it), and wow. Not only is this game UNBELIEVABLY TERRIFYING but it's also pretty damn hard.

I was shocked to find out that the Nun who chases you can also decide TO HIDE FROM YOU? That created a whole new fear factor. On top of this, the audio is spine chilling, headphone warning 100%.

I would suggest is a shorter introduction - although the game offers an option to skip the intro, as a first time player I was unaware if moments from the introduction would've been crucial to my understanding of the rest of the game. 

If you're new to the game, just skip the intro.

Also,  there should be an option to quit to the menu after getting trapped in the barbed wire - the wait can get tedious if you're like me and die a lot LMAO.

I got stuck not realising there was a lock I was supposed to unlatch, but that was my own fault LOL, overall amazing game and I definitely need to make a part 2.

This game was so dang scary 10/10 

pretty sexy game



Хорошо укакался)


Puppet Combo never disappoints

watching gameplay on youtube made me scared

playing the game made me fear

the game isnt working for me :( it says the application cant be opened

Scroll down and watch the video. Hope it works!

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did you try to extract the file

new video

this game is cool but SHE  SAW ME TROUGH A WALL!!


Nun Massacre is easily the greatest Horror Game I've played, and will probably ever play.

Puppet Combo created something special here. Not only does it perfectly recreate that classic PlayStation look, but it achieves a sense of dread that is unmatched.

6.00 is an absolute steal. If you're a fan of Horror, or just solid Gaming in general, you'd be nuts to skip out on this one.


when i saw this on youtube i peed my pants

No words needed, I'm gonna beat it.



I woke up last week in the hospital, I asked the nurse, "What happened to me?" She replied, "You were playing Nun Massacre a.k.a. Night of the Nun by Puppet Combo. The game was so scary, you had a heart attack while playing." I said, "That is the best scariest game I ever played." Then I went home and played some more.

this is the reason why i didnt buy this game 5 YEARS AGO cause i would literally be a scardy cat all day long until i forget about it but nice job Puppet Combo!


yeah he finished the game 2 years ago i think after not finishing it from 5 years ago hes a legend of puppet combo games the only one he has not played was Stay Out Of The House and i think he has played Babysitter Bloodbath but never finished it no one talked about him finishing it tho.

nao consigo comprar



she saw me through a wall

holy mother of god this the scariest game i have ever played i almost died 

Deleted 360 days ago

no cause Puppet Combo killers usally survive more than 4 bullets or any


BRO WHY HAS NO  ONE SAID ANYTHING ABOUT CORY? But great job puppet combo!

idk maybe less people watch his videos i do tho 


does anyone know how to get the older verison?

yeah you have to become a 5 dollar patron and try to find their old versions thats where they mostly put old versions of games and stuf


Scary as always! Great job Puppet Combo.


the only way i can get nun massacre is by getting the old versions off of their pateron

i already own the game, how do i download without needing to buy again

go to ur purchases and then u should be able to get it

pixel horror

From the moment my child was sent off to this school, I had an aching feeling something was wrong... The mother superior, Mother Apollonia, seemed a bit off; something about her glare. I should have known then. Now I pay the price. BEWARE THE VENTS!

MCA Horror replied:

I bought this game way back and I finaly get to experience the gameplay of Nun Massacre!!

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hey so i bought this game like 2 years ago without having an account, but now I have to pay again. is there another way for me to redownload it again?

edit: i found it in my old email box, now i feel stupid.

yeah but don't really BLAME yourself its just sometimes you make your mind think you are STUPID but you really are not.

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I like what I here excellent


This is one of the scariest games I've ever played, love the supernatural killer angle and the Nun is PERSISTENT, really enjoyed the story that was more in depth than usual and the Definitive Edition has so much new fun content!! :)

Uhh, is this inspiration for Evil Nun?

Nun massacre gameplay 

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