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Great hiding under beds because you're too scared to get out simulator.


Just watched the Scary Game Squad try to beat this game. Absolutely mortifying sound and visuals. 

This was a great find and a lot of fun. Love the old PS1 graphics, totally reminds me of 80s horror. Very good job!

love it

ive seen many gameplay videos on this and it looks very good hopefully I can get it soon 

Those Nuns are Really SCARY!!!

eu so posso comprar esse jogo com cartao internacional?


Some Really Scary Nuns!!! here's my gameplay:

Can I invert the mouse (Y-axis)?

Hi, no not yet, but I will be adding that feature.

Thank you!

Este jogo é jogado em um computador fraco? i3, 4 ram, 2,00 processador. roda no meu

sim roda mas as vezes trava mas depois de andar pelo mapa carrega e não trava mais testado por mim


Amazing game! Probably the most terrifying game I've ever played!

can you make a mobile or console port plz I don’t have a computer


Thank you for the fast reply! Looking forward to the controller support and the new game!

I understand you work hard on these games and on making them compatible and accessible to players. Much appreciated!

Hey I sent you an email regarding if you would like to collaborate with me. I would love to help you create games and I understand your style. Please reach back to me or let me know, thanks!


Just purchased the game and very excited to play it!

When do you think controller support will be available?

 I want to use my DualShock and everything works except wasd, no matter what I cannot get my controller to work for movement. Neither the d pad nor the analog stick.

It should be out next month with the release of Stay out of the House. I'm actually implementing controller support in both games at the same time.

hey please answer! I just purchased babysitter bloodbath! Is it possible to play on my android?

Hi, no it's not possible to play Babysitter Bloodbath on anything other than Windows.

Hey so is there gonna be any controller mapping on the pc game for iMac or something that can help me play the game with my Xbox or ps4 controller

Hi, yes there will be soon. I'm working on controller support in the update.

I have purchased Nun Massacre but the game lags when i play the game. It is fine on the main menu but when I get Into the game it slows down and lags. How can I fix this?

Just send me an email: ben [at] puppetcombo .com
I'll try to figure out what's wrong.


Good game puppet combo create more games of horror 🔪


I just played this game and it was very scary, love it! Be sure to check out the video I did of it here:

it would be very awesome if any of these games come to mobile

I really love the feel of your games, would there be any platform I can private message you on?

Hi there. Wondering if you have any physical disc copies of this game available at all?


Puppet Combo games are causing health issues, but it was a hell of a time. 


How long till the demo disk ships?

It ships in about a day

Thank you.

Hi developer

Could I write  introduction by your game team  im my naver blog? (naver : korea website) 

because I am inspired by you


is this ever going to get the last update? 

Yes, sometime in January

Hi bought the game i think 3 days ago, and the game shows that its running on my taskbar after i select the graphics for it, but then its just a white blank window when i click on the game, but i can still hear the sounds from the game too. Not sure what to do.

Please email me at ben [at] puppetcombo. com so I can help. Thanks

Do i send you an email through outlook?

However you'd like to send it is fine


Blood Sister: One Tough Nun

can i use a controller to play this game?

Not yet but controller support will be added in the future.

ok thank you 

Do you know the date on which stay out of the house appears on steam? or is there still a time to reach its full version?

hey so I’ve been wondering, the patreon and links for feed me billy aren’t working for me, so could you possibly upload feed me billy to steam? It would mean a lot to me, thanks so much and keep up the amazing work!


Hi, the link works on patreon, you just have to sign up for $5 or more and you get all my games. It's probably going to remain exclusive on there.

Ay, ay, ay, I see you delaying the game till the 27th. You ain't smooth, big fella. *sips tea*

There isn't an official release date for Stay out of the House yet.  It's not going to be out on the 27th either. The story and gameplay for early access version will be finished this month, but it'll need further polishing for steam, plus I have to setup achievements, trading cards and all that

For some reason it says that it will be released on the 22th then after it reached that date yesterday it went to the 27th. Might be an error. (Gimme dem trophies boi.)


this game makes me clench my butt cheeks tighter than the security in the white house 


This game is really challenging and scary. I had to quit... but I'll be back Nun!!


If you don't come back, the nun wins

Woah, this looks awesome!! I would play it, but im a wimp and freakin scared when i play horror game and sometimes shriek like a little girl even though i am a girl maybe another time.

finally got to play nun massacre i must say it scared the hell out me puppet combo .i was lucky at first  didnt see her until i found a few items then she got me. love yours games i cant wait for more games from you and stay out of the house.

Oh look, more nightmare fuel! 

Another horror gem from Puppet Combo without a doubt. Love the games, man. You've been killing it! Been a fan since Power Drill Massacre, and looking forward to Stay Out Of The House.


Deleted post

Yes, there are multiple camera filters. Some are clearer than others

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