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An excellent collection, and the story mode connecting it all was great too.

Night Shift was very well paced; capturing the unique mix of anxiety and boredom of being stuck alone somewhere overnight. I liked the menial tasks, too - it was oddly satisfying to restock the shelves and sweep the floors.

I didn't enjoy Spiders quite as much as the other games because it lacked a bit in atmosphere. I didn't manage to survive past wave 2 or 3 so I'm not sure if it develops more later.

Feed Me Billy was a very well-crafted experience - everything from the killer's heavy breathing to the softcore porn on his TV works together to conjure up the image of a depraved sadist straight out of a slasher flick, and the murders are both brutal and gleeful.

The Riverside Incident is probably one of the most intensely unnerving games I've ever played - the visuals are perfect for that 'found footage' style and the slow movement speed really amped up the trepidation of exploring such a creepy place.

was the audio from the riverside incident from the supposed ruth price 911 call?

My first time playing a Puppet Combo game, and i screamed so hard i almost broke my glasses hahaha GREAT GAME (NIGHT SHIFT btw) 





This game doesn't work on my mac! The tapes dont play.... But every other PUPPET COMBO games work.

new video up check it out sure you will enjoy

Thank you for all your great work! One great game after another! Here's my vid for Riverside Incident, for you guys perusal:

Hi I'm on Mac and whenever I put the VHS in, nothing happens. i click on relaunch and nothing happens... Am i missing something??

Hi, will murder house be in this pack or something like scary tales vol 2?

new videooo uppp guys check it outttt promise you will enjoy :)

I made a Night Shift video! Please read the description. :)

Damn this new bloodwash teaser seems great, cant wait for the full game


"How much post-processing do you want in the game?"


All jokes aside, some good atmosphere. Night Shift is probably the best of the tapes.

new yt video up on another puppetcombo  horror game check it out its hilarious !!!

I played alot of there games and plan to play more, check em out if you have time

Here we go again my experience with this game



Silly question... how do I start each game? I put in their VHS tapes that shows the Title, Relaunch, and Eject. Can't click anything to get them to start however.

If you're playing on Mac, you'll have to start the games from their actual game folders unfortunately.

Hello Ben, I just had a question on Samhain, when it says to please adjust tracking for better picture quality. What exactly do you mean by this? I did a google search on how to adjust tracking for my pc but I have had no luck. Any clarification/guidance would be appreciated. I just want to play the Samhain halloween edition in the proper aspect ratio. Thank you

It's says that just for aesthetic. It's referring to video tape tracking

I played Samhain if you guys are into it check it out 


(This review may contain spoilers)

Very much worth it, for the various games you get.
I played the story mode, which I found very enjoyable. It's funny how the cat is named Dodgeball. Kind of confused about the ending with the interrogation room/masked man. Here is how I liked the games:

Feed Me Billy - Probably my favorite, or second favorite. The music randomly becomes scary, despite the fact that you aren't being chased or anything, which I found unsettling. I should mention here (and this applies to other games, as well) that switching between objects is difficult and quite annoying. I'm aware you use the mouse wheel, but even when I'm not using the wheel, the objects will randomly change, and then I'll have to go back to the one I wanted. This happens again and again. Back to the game, though. I liked how the people try to run away after you shoot them. I'm curious to know more about the person who sent the killer notes through the mail, and who randomly appears at one point. And I want to learn more about the monster, too. 

The Riverside Incident - I found this game to be deeply unsettling. For some reason the sensitivity was automatically very low and I couldn't figure out how to adjust it. Moreover, you can't sprint (at least not that I know of), so it was very slow. My screen was also unusually dark. For reference, I skimmed through a playthrough of this game after playing it, and their screen was normal. The grainy camera graphics combined with this strange darkness/inability to make out objects far away made for a terrifying experience. I think I kept getting teleported? I didn't know what was happening most of the time because the graphics and motion were so off. I ended up in a room with a doll and the screen started descending to darkness. The forest scene came next, but because there was no light whatsoever (come to think of it, there was a flashlight option or something, but the light would never turn on when I pressed the button?), it took a while to figure out where to go. The ending was abrupt. Overall this game didn't make much sense to me, and I felt a sense of fear I don't think I've felt during any other game. A visceral terror. Because the flashlight didn't work, and I couldn't predict anything. 

Night Shift - Great game. I wish there were more convenience store games like this one. I don't really have any complaints. The death was very unexpected, because I was thinking I'd be killed in the bathroom and yet was killed elsewhere. Looking forward to playing Stay Out of the House (because the killer in this game is the same as the one in that game, I believe). 

Spiders - Pretty forgettable due to the fact that the controls were weird and I couldn't figure out what exactly I should do. The issue of switching between objects was especially prominent here, with the game going from one object to another as I was being killed by spiders. I didn't spend much time on this game, however, so I'll come back to it in the future. 

Didn't get quite as scared by this one but still thoroughly enjoyed it, even if the ending did throw me off lol. Hope y'all enjoy it too.

when i buy this pack i don't see feed me billy

in the riverside incident, there's an old-timey song that plays near the end of the game, can someone please tell me what that song is? thanks :)


unsettling. Genuinely gave me nightmares! A phenomenal package not to be missed!

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Night Shift was absolutely horrifying for me. I know it sounds silly but I've never been more scared by a horror game before. Definitely recommend and I intend on playing the rest of this series!


Hell yeah

absolutely loved this game, can't wait to play the second part, and all the other amazing scary games :) 

wow now I feel silly. I appreciate the explanation!


I really enjoyed playing feed me billy :)

Every time I try to download the game it stops the download at about 2 gb and says "forbidden."

Supposedly it means I don't have the rights to download the link, but I bought the game and even got an email for the link. It's in my collection as well. So I don't understand why it's not letting me download it, any tips?

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No, it doesn't mean you don't have rights. It's probably a server issue. I'd recommend downloading it with the app at or you could contact site support at

Ah ok, thank you!

About a year ago, I purchased Nun Massacre, Night Shift, and Stay out of the House in a bundle. Is there a way to download them again or must I repurchase them? is letting me download nun massacre but only nun massacre

Yes, try this link:
The should all be in your library.

Hi I just bought your game bundle and it seems I can only get Drill Massacre to work, I tried looking up solutions but couldn't find anything. Do you have any suggestions? I really would like to get Nun Massacre working, hope this isn't too odd.

Hi, try this install guide:

i think is ur pc

The riverside incident isnt launching for me, it freezes on the unity screen and doesn't respond. Im running windows 10

Hi, try running it in a lower quality mode during the start up dialogue screen

I love The Whole Bundle its A MUST!! puppet combo got the best games! that jumpscared had me have a HEART ATTACK!! More Horror Games on the Channel! <3

I bought the pack and the first game I played was "Feed Me Billy". Its terrifying, I highly recommend the pack and there games in general, heres my video on the game! (:

I bought it but I didn't receive the package. Help me

Night Shift was my first Puppet Combo game and let me say, it was an interesting start in my following of this developer. I have recorded it though! But unfortunately, I played it with one of my friends when I should've recorded it by myself.

Ben, if you're reading this then, I appreciate you being a part of the game development industry!

Well the night shift did get me reallllyyyyy nervous 

Easy my 2nd fav game in Scary Tales Vol 1 right behind Feed Me Billy. Great job man.

This collection was a throw back to the snuff films of yester year. I remain haunted to this day by that era! This is good stuff!

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