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Didn't get quite as scared by this one but still thoroughly enjoyed it, even if the ending did throw me off lol. Hope y'all enjoy it too.

when i buy this pack i don't see feed me billy

in the riverside incident, there's an old-timey song that plays near the end of the game, can someone please tell me what that song is? thanks :)

unsettling. Genuinely gave me nightmares! A phenomenal package not to be missed!

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Night Shift was absolutely horrifying for me. I know it sounds silly but I've never been more scared by a horror game before. Definitely recommend and I intend on playing the rest of this series!

Hell yeah

absolutely loved this game, can't wait to play the second part, and all the other amazing scary games :) 


I really enjoyed playing feed me billy :)

Every time I try to download the game it stops the download at about 2 gb and says "forbidden."

Supposedly it means I don't have the rights to download the link, but I bought the game and even got an email for the link. It's in my collection as well. So I don't understand why it's not letting me download it, any tips?

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No, it doesn't mean you don't have rights. It's probably a server issue. I'd recommend downloading it with the app at or you could contact site support at

Ah ok, thank you!

About a year ago, I purchased Nun Massacre, Night Shift, and Stay out of the House in a bundle. Is there a way to download them again or must I repurchase them? is letting me download nun massacre but only nun massacre

Yes, try this link:
The should all be in your library.

Hi I just bought your game bundle and it seems I can only get Drill Massacre to work, I tried looking up solutions but couldn't find anything. Do you have any suggestions? I really would like to get Nun Massacre working, hope this isn't too odd.

Hi, try this install guide:

i think is ur pc

The riverside incident isnt launching for me, it freezes on the unity screen and doesn't respond. Im running windows 10

Hi, try running it in a lower quality mode during the start up dialogue screen

I love The Whole Bundle its A MUST!! puppet combo got the best games! that jumpscared had me have a HEART ATTACK!! More Horror Games on the Channel! <3

I bought the pack and the first game I played was "Feed Me Billy". Its terrifying, I highly recommend the pack and there games in general, heres my video on the game! (:

I bought it but I didn't receive the package. Help me

Night Shift was my first Puppet Combo game and let me say, it was an interesting start in my following of this developer. I have recorded it though! But unfortunately, I played it with one of my friends when I should've recorded it by myself.

Ben, if you're reading this then, I appreciate you being a part of the game development industry!

Well the night shift did get me reallllyyyyy nervous 

Easy my 2nd fav game in Scary Tales Vol 1 right behind Feed Me Billy. Great job man.

This collection was a throw back to the snuff films of yester year. I remain haunted to this day by that era! This is good stuff!

I played The Riverside Incident today, sheesh.. That is one of the best found-footage games I have ever played in my life. The lack of background music made it so eerie, and then the slowed music made it twice as scary. Looking at the little details found around the area is what really got me tho, so much work put into this game!

This is terryfying.

I played Feed Me Billy today, and had loads of fun. I enjoyed the little "what if you were the bad guy this time" twist, definitely one I wish to see in more games. I did have two good scares, and found it funny how easy it was to kill some people. Although the stuff on the TV

was definitely unexpected.. Overall great game!

Today I played Night Shift from the four games, this was my first ever puppet combo game. I enjoyed the authentic retro vibes it gave out, and the horror aspect came out so well. The little clues that show you should be cautious of your environment is what really gave me a good vibe. I can't wait to play the others, looking forward to those and many other projects!

This looks awesome, the style and camera effects are great! However, I wonder why did you use separate binaries instead of loading scenes in unity? This breaks immersion

What are the miminum and recommended computer specs do i need to  play those

Completed the game, It was great. Waiting for MURDER HOUSE to release either way keep on making great games, Puppet Combo!

Really dug the story mode along with all of the games. <3

in this video i played night shift 

its a short vid but wait until the last jumpscare 

scariest game everr!!!

hehehe, hell ya


Night Shift Got Me Good!

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These horror games are my type litty!

I'm having trouble getting this to run on the mac, the story mode worked but when I put the tapes in it gets stuck or something. I noticed some other comments of other people who had the same issue

I got the game to run. I was enjoying it but it runs really poorly on my mac, a lot of freezing

how did you get it to run?

I guess if u have a Mac you have to run the files to the different stories separately. Which is kind of unfair because it means Mac owners are getting less content than other people for the same price

me too PuppetCombo needs to fix it!

Feed Me Billy was by far my favorite. Very disturbing, gross and set a great atmosphere for horror fans. Thank You

Been there done that! Games were seriously heavy when played by oneself. 4th game be here as soon as it's uploaded.

I've been waiting to play Feed Me Billy for a while now and it did not disappoint! Way more creepy when you play and feel the suspense build! Another amazing job Puppet Combo!

yes...i played another one. it was fun!

I Know im late in playing this game but honestly i love your games. This game is AMAZING!!!

Estoy diciendo esto muy enserio, pero tú o ustedes son unos genios, todo el detalle que dan no sólo en éste juego, sino en todos los que han creado, los admiro mucho

I love puppet combo, I found it while watching CoryxKenshin, now I can finally play the games I obsess over!

You're the best Puppet Combo!!


Im confused, I'm trying to play night shift but every time I click play it just stops at "now playing night shift". Does it take long to load up the game itself or is something wrong with mine?

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