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hi, i really love the Night Shift game, i have tried going up the roof but i couldn't quite see where the killer comes from, is there a good ending? also, i want to play the Night Ripper, i would love to buy it either in a bundle or by itself please? thanks a lot. you rock man! 👍

ok they got fixed

all games are amazing! but can you fix the frame drops in night shift. there kinda annoying. thank you. and have a great day

Why was Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santas taken down from the store?

spiders hud in the game it look like doom

Puppet Combo will be one of the greatest game creators of throw back horrors EVER... I just got done playing Night shift, check it out for yourself..

I really enjoyed feed me billy I think it's my favorite game out of the whole volume and it was real creepy and kept me on the edge of my seat

Feed me billy is somethin else... IM ALL FOR GETTING SCARED. Check it out!

How do i download night shift pls send me a vid.

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It is in the same folder as Scary Tales.. Go to all of your files and in the search bar, enter "Scary" Scary tales folder should come up, click on the folder and all 4 games should be right there already dowloaded. Let me know if this doesn't work.

ok thanks :D

i dont have it

idk why

Try downloading application. The games download right onto that application and you can play it through there. Once downloaded, log in, and go to your library of owned games and download it and run. I hope this works for you! Happy New Years!

but im on laptop

go into the games folder and click on night shift and run it

Would it be okay if there was a way to purchase Feed Me Billy alone, I've seen videos of No Players Online and other games from you I never knew you made, and I have to say your games are amazing. But I was wanting to be able to purchase Billy alone, due to it being a rare gem of sorts because I don't really ever see games like it, specifically where you play such a role, and overall design of the game besides games like Manhunt, ect. But another reason I wanted to purchase it alone was because I'm really interested in that game specifically, just like I was with baby sitter blood bath and no players online. I apologize for the paragraph of text though fam, I just can't express how hyped, also interested I am for the game and I lowkey am a little impatient, like I wanna click the purchase button asap but I would probably get in trouble from my parents. Anyway. I hope you have a good time and keep up the good work, and I hope you get countless blessings for these wonderful creations of hard work. <3

if you put night ripper on game jolt you will make alot of money

hi i purchased stay out of the house how do i install it?

I got the email after buying it but i have been waiting a few minutes and the game has not shown up.


I really like the pack of games I have only played one so far but it was really good

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i just purchased a copy and made a minor mistake and wondering if I could get help in fixing it, I would love to play your game!

dats him


It should be sorted out now, check your inbox. 👍

Hey uh, I tried gifting my friend the game, and I forgot to add ".com" to my friends email that the game was going to send to, and he didn't receive it.


Hey, normally you can contact support to get it sorted out, but I happened to have seen your message so I fixed the purchase for you. Tell your friend to check their inbox, thanks!

Just in case i forgot to post it Im gonna be playing through the scary tales a game at a time here's the first one NightShift 

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does the song that play at the very beginning of Night Shift have a name? and if not could you upload/sell it somewhere?

Are you supposed to fall out of bounds and see the other staircase map out of bounds in Riverside Incident or is that a big ol' bug?

I was expecting a spook after walking that slow forever, but I wouldn't be surprised if falling into infinite blue was the prank mentioned in the opening text or lol there is no game is that prank. I went down those stairs like 4 or 5 times, then the door was just a crack open into blue nothingness and I walked through and fell forever.

Also Night Shift legitimately spooked me. Not sure if I was supposed to go back into the store after going outside, but I did and that might have made it scarier. I didn't even clean the bathroom, boss is going to be pissed.

Hmm, yeah that's a bug. Let me look into it. Thank!

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I can link you the twitch vod if that helps, but all I did was walk down the stairs and loop 3 or 4 times


I bought this game in a bundle just recently and have only played through this one so far. It is simply terrifying, and I actually hate how uncomfortable it makes me. The score, the visual style, it's everything I both love and hate in horror games. Excellent work, and I look forward to supporting you more in the future.  

Thanks! Glad you enjoy


Heya, which program do you guys use to paint your models?

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um what do i do after dogeball disappars


Keep watching the tapes.



While I respect your creative vision, I think a content warning about Dodgeball's fate in the story mode should be added. That's not cool.


Absolutely agree with you. That went a bit too far


just buying the game if a fair warning, look at the pictures isnt that enough?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Actually, FEED ME BILLY is one of the best serial killer simulators i've ever seen. It transmits the experience perfectly and, in my opinion, if you  improve it  a little bit mechanicaly and make it more  systemic, it'll become my ideal game. Also i liked experimental "Riverside Incident" and SPIDERS is almost perfect "so bad its good" game. My verdict: waiting for the volume 2!


Great collection of great games! My personal favourite is FEED ME BILLY. It's just so surreal! Keep on the good work! :) Can you please tell me what font are you using in the title screen for THE BACKROOMS?

Approximately how long is the game? Could I have friends over and complete it in a couple of hours?


The entire collection with all the stories should be around 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much you explore.

Will you upload this game to the Steam?

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I have no plans to.


Made a whole video dedicated to this type of game.

You'll see my opinions on the games in the description of my video


Wow! Amazing stuff, I love it! It has inspired me to attempt something similar. I love the offbeat trilogy aspect and the general creepy atmosphere that permeates these games! Excellent work by puppet combo and the 80's VHS motif is really a frightening found footage theme!

im confused pls help


Hi, what do you need help with?

What does scary tales mean?

It means Scary tales man what`s your problem? XD

It basically says it`s a summary of horrifying stories.

its not funny idiot


Ok Boomer

Hello! your games are awesome, and I always add them to Steam. Would you be willing to make and include steam banner art for these awesome games? basically those vertical box art thumbnails that show up in the steam library. for now I'll use the VHS cover arts to create them, but it would be cool if they were included in each package!


Hi, yes that is planned. I've actually been meaning to do that for a while. I'll get on it soon.

Awesome! Also, could you give insight into which games you put on steam versus Are all destined for Steam, or will some always be exclusive to Patreon,, etc.? I'd love to buy Night Ripper, but it doesn't seem as easy to find. Also, what is the difference between Puppet Combo and Vague Scenario LLC? I thought VS was your new brand, but The Glass Staircase included both, so I'm not sure. Also, do you use VHS Pro or PSXEffects from the Asset Store to get the ps1/VHS look? Also, what do you think of games like September 1999, Helltown, or Lost in Vivo, which take some similar inspirations? A lot of curiosity, haha, I've just been a huge fan since Babysitter Bloodbath. Keep up the great work!

I payed for everything but the file would not download, now it refuses to show me the page I am supposed to download from, but also wont give me back the money i wasted. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you tried ? It should have the game but if not can you contact ? There must be an error somewhere they can figure out.

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Dear Puppet Combo is there a way to spend money that i got from the games i made on because if so i'm gonna by this soon. P.S i mean like if i don't take my gross revenue out is there a way i can spend it on here.

Hi, I'm not totally sure but you could ask

Ok Thanks

Is Stay Out Of The House included with Night Shift or is Stay Out Of The House only on steam?

It's only on Steam.

typo on the launcher for Night Shift, it says "convince store"

also had a funny bug when the lady came in for smokes. i pressed F to place them on the counter and they floated away in zero gravity heh

loving these so far tho :)

Thanks for letting me know! I will fix it next update.

When I try to install the game I get a message saying "An error occured during installation. No manager for installer unknown." Not sure what that means, or if it's on the game's end or itch.


It's on itchio's end. The game can not be currently played in the app because it is too large. You can download it directly however and use 7-zip to extract it.


Good news, I figured out how to get it working in the app. Everything should be good now!


Awesome! It seems to be downloading fine now.


I just bought the bundle and noticed Babysitter Bloodbath also had the same issue when trying to install it on the itch app

Unable to play these games because the archive is corrupted. I don't get why the end part is .zip.001 because I can't even open up the zip file. Also, I have 2 files for Windows and I don't even know which one is which.

There are some instruction on the download page for how to join the archive. Because the total size is 3GB, it has been split into 2 separate downloads. Open the .001 with and extract the files. The .002 data will be unarchived automatically.


I want this really bad my guy, but is there any way to buy it separate from the bundle?

It says its $6.66 (heh) But I see no buying option other than this bundle which has Nun Massacre in it and I already own that :/

Yes, you can. $6.66 is the price of just this collection with Feed Me Billy, Night Shift, Spiders and The Riverside Incident. 

The bundle with Nun Massacre is actually here:

Am I missing something? Kinda disappointed. I played Feed Me Billy and it seems like only a partial part of the game?

I'm not sure, you would have to describe your issue in more detail. The full game is included, unless there is some sort of bug I didn't catch.

Well when I launch it, it just starts me in the bed room (no title screen, phone ringing, TV playing). I can gather the mask and gun and get in the truck. After taking the 3 bodies from the campgrounds and putting them in the hole, the All Done text appears and the game quits.

AHHH That's the alpha version :d
It must have been accidentally included over the final version somehow. I will upload a fix right away. Thanks for letting me know.

Thank you!! I've been really excited to play this!

Windows version is up! Mac will be back up in a little bit. Sorry it was broken. Unfortunately, you'll have to download again ;_;


Cool! This convinced me to get your bundle. Say, is "The Backrooms" hitting itch in the near future?

Deleted 285 days ago

Sweet! It may come here one day, I'm not sure. Definitely not in the near future. I try to limit my itch releases to once every 6 months.

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