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Really dug the story mode along with all of the games. <3

in this video i played night shift 

its a short vid but wait until the last jumpscare 

scariest game everr!!!

hehehe, hell ya


Night Shift Got Me Good!

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These horror games are my type litty!

I'm having trouble getting this to run on the mac, the story mode worked but when I put the tapes in it gets stuck or something. I noticed some other comments of other people who had the same issue

I got the game to run. I was enjoying it but it runs really poorly on my mac, a lot of freezing

how did you get it to run?

I guess if u have a Mac you have to run the files to the different stories separately. Which is kind of unfair because it means Mac owners are getting less content than other people for the same price

me too PuppetCombo needs to fix it!

Feed Me Billy was by far my favorite. Very disturbing, gross and set a great atmosphere for horror fans. Thank You

Been there done that! Games were seriously heavy when played by oneself. 4th game be here as soon as it's uploaded.

I've been waiting to play Feed Me Billy for a while now and it did not disappoint! Way more creepy when you play and feel the suspense build! Another amazing job Puppet Combo!

yes...i played another one. it was fun!

I Know im late in playing this game but honestly i love your games. This game is AMAZING!!!

Estoy diciendo esto muy enserio, pero tú o ustedes son unos genios, todo el detalle que dan no sólo en éste juego, sino en todos los que han creado, los admiro mucho

I love puppet combo, I found it while watching CoryxKenshin, now I can finally play the games I obsess over!

You're the best Puppet Combo!!


Im confused, I'm trying to play night shift but every time I click play it just stops at "now playing night shift". Does it take long to load up the game itself or is something wrong with mine?

This Was funny and scary. Ill be playing the new update to the story.


Can someone please tell why it keeps saying error when I try to open the game because I cant play it.

Back Again lol I finnaly played the riverside incident, games didnt need a monster or a killer to keep me on the edge of my seat 

I've wanted to play this one for a long time. Was everything I expected and more. The suspense and buildup was unreal! Great job with this and all of your other games Puppet Combo!

This game was impeccable! Creeped me out the entire time! Great job!

When I try to load "The Riverside Incident" it shows the Unity logo then crashes. Every other tape along with the story mode works fine.

I liked the idea of a an games anthology that gave us a throwback to the 70s/80s and the exploitation-horror-movies you could rent.

This game genuinely confused me.... but I'd say it's the creepiest overall out of the 3 I've played from Scary Tales Vol. 1. Very well made! 

I recently got the game, and I'm having an issue. When I try to load up the Riverside Incident, it freezes and says application not responding. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Here's my second vid, my playthrough of Night Shift! Very creepy vibes throughout, and a nice buildup to a great scare! I loved this! 

Is it compatible with windows 10 4gb ram

For my first vid, I played Feed Me Billy. If the point was to confuse and unsettle the player for 25 minutes, you achieved that! Such a well made game! 

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lol it costs 6.66 dollars, aka 666


none of the games will play on my macbook for me. Only shows the loading screens, never actually enters games. Any suggestions?

I'm having the same  problem, did you find a solution?


I love the meta gameplay in the apartment that lets you choose a game based on the VHS to insert. My favorites being Night Shift and Feed Me Billy. Nothing can top the atmosphere of all these games.

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Fucking scary. Won't lie I pooped my pants on the night shift game.

Every time I try to play nightshift it won’t start up it lets me click play and I even relaunched and ejected it several times. You can email me to help me further if you need to


Hey, just about to play Riverside Incident and couldn't find a "play" or "start" thing for the tape. Is there a way that the game is supposed to start?

I've already pressed "relaunch" and "eject" for the tape and haven't progressed further into the mini-game off the loading/menu screen (it's the same problem with the other tapes too). Is the game only available after completing story mode?

Did you get it to work? I’m having problems as well

Great work. Every Game from you is great.

Greetings from Germany.

Also played Night Shift, having had worked the night shift at a gas station convenience store before this one was especially creepy. 

Played The Riverside Incident and as usual very creepy build up to an end that I'm not quite sure what happened lol but it was scary!

are you gonna put the other games out like this too?

Finally playing these games, started with Feed Me Billy...the experience was disturbing and brilliant all at once.

I enjoyed this very much!! glad I finally decided to play the story mode!!

Pretty fun.  I had a little bit of an issue with lag, but my laptop is also pretty old and needs to be replaced.  Effective use of atmosphere and has some pretty well done scares.  Feed Me Billy was my favorite, with a really well done jumpscare, and an impressive sense of dread.

I don't know if people already know this but i found a "glitch" that can make you teleport through the wall. Just wanted to say that.

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