Scary Tales Vol 1 Release

Scary Tales Vol 1 is out just in time for Halloween. This is a collection of some of the shorter Puppet Combo games from my Patreon. 

I have a brand new wrap around  game coming soon, where you can interact with the tapes and play the games, within a game. It should be out in a few days. It just needs some extra work. It will be available as a free update of course when it's ready. Enjoy!


Scary 1 GB
Oct 12, 2019
Scary 1 GB
Oct 12, 2019
Scary Tales Vol 1 (Mac).zip.001 1 GB
Oct 12, 2019
Scary Tales Vol 1 (Mac).zip.002 1 GB
Oct 12, 2019

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What do I do if the download says it is forbidden I need help please, and when I downloaded the game and pressed recover purchases by email does it work with gmail.


I'm sorry but this is really stressing me out, so I got the download thing but the 7zip thing that I downloaded isn't really working out for me. I went to the tab it provided me with but didn't specify which one to download so i choose the first one. idk this is way too stressful and yes im 13 and this is confusing af.    


plzz helpp


wait nvm i got it and i played feed me billy love you puppet combo im your biggest fan :)


Here's a short write-up as a news item:


cant install on mac mojave from app dude, is it just me???


Sorry for the delay and the issue. It has been fixed. It should work fine for you now!