Scary Tales Vol 1 - New Segment!

Scary Tales Update: The final segment is now finished and included in the game!

After a late Friday night of partying, you wake up to a strange package at your door. Four mysterious  tapes you don't remember ordering. Will you dare to watch them?

A Silent Hill 4 / Creepshow inspiresegment to tie it all together. I haven't shown much of it yet to avoid spoilers. Hope you enjoy!


Scary Tales Vol. 1 (Windows) 2 GB
Version 2 Oct 29, 2019
Scary Tales Vol. 1 (Mac) 2 GB
Version 2 Oct 29, 2019

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So, this is kind of a weird situation I'm in. I am writing a short horror story about the making of a fictitious 80's horror film, where the director hires a shapeshifting monster to portray the creatures in his film. And the reason I'm telling you this is that the fiction within my fiction (i.e. the fictional film) has a plot very similar to the Story Mode in Scary Tales Vol. 1, where it is anthology horror film where the intersectional story is almost the same as Scary Tales Vol. 1. The biggest difference being the four segments themselves. Is this okay? I mean, it's not like it's even the main story I'm writing, but rather a story written by a fictional character within my story.

Really liked most of this. Anytime you have an anthology setup some segments are going to shine more than others, the real stand-outs here were Feed Me Billy and Night Shift. Would love to see Night Shift expanded or a project with a similar premise in the future. There was only one I would call a genuine dud would be The Riverside Incident which isn't even necessarily bad, it had great atmosphere, it just lacked pretty much anything else. Spiders was fine for what it was.

Minor spoiler alert; If you don't like bad stuff happening to animals skip the framing narrative.

Hey Puppet Combo. Its not a major issue and I've figured out a way to get around it, but by any chance would you know about a glitch in story mode, where the tapes disappear? Also, there's a glitch with opening the games. All the games don't respond when you first open them, and after a while they eventually do respond. Although there is an exception here. I cannot play The Riverside Incident, the reason being that it doesn't respond. However, unlike the other games, it never does respond. It doesn't really matter, I just wanted to see if you were aware of it. Thank you.

Hey there! Big fan, but I'm left-handed and WASD isn't natural/comfortable for me. Any chance you can add controller support and/or rebindable controls to all the games (E.g. Feed Me Billy)? Thanks!


I'm not sure if I can because I don't know where all the old project files are. In the mean time you can try Keytweak:


Okay, cool! I will try that.

hey are the tapes connected in game select

What do you mean

and also, why do you delete your posts all the time?

i wont do it again and hey are the tapes connected in game select screen

What do you mean by connected?

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connected like story mode


In the story mode, they're connected by the story. In the game select screen they're connected by the select screen