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god dam ridiculous! I’ve jumped through hoops and still can’t play it. Either itch says I don’t own it (which I do!) or it says error because of “build”. This is absolutely fucking stupid it’s this difficult. 

Hello I had a problem similar to this what fixed the problem for me was to download a free version of Winrar 

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We really enjoyed playing & discussing Babysitter Bloodbath on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)!

You can watch the video here:

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We are going through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

This is good stuff!

at the beginning.  After asking for the parent's phone number, the dialogue options come up but they're not clickable.


How can I download your game?


At the part where jack screams, I went to open the door and when I pressed space it blackscreened, and I was unable to select other programs by alt-tab, windows-tab, or close the game by alt-f4. After a restart my PC audio isn't working.

having some issues with the game. It opens then closes and won't run. 

p.s this game looks super cool

Hi, have you tried the instructions on the troubleshooting page?

i love this game so much haha

Hello, whenever I try to open this game, I get an error message saying "Problem with WDL script" or something, what can I do to fix this?

Hi, try the instructions at

Thank you. I already have Direct Play enabled, though. :/ What is the difference between acknex.exe and bloodbath.exe? Whenever I click on bloodbath.exe, the computer makes a sound, but nothing opens. When I click on acknex.exe, I get the "Problem with WDL script" popup and then it closes down. My computer is updated. Power Drill Massacre works, but not this game, for some reason. 

Try following the installation instructions. It's got nothing to do with directplay. You have to unzip the files before running the game. I can't give support in the comments section for obvious reasons but you can find my email on the support page:

hello puppet combo i still cant play the game and i really wanna make this video and support you guys plz help me 

Can you contact me at the support email? You should be able to find it with the game at

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Can u email me

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After some issues getting it to launch and mapping the controls using XPadder, I was really enjoying it. The alternate camera options are fantastic and each do a great job of keeping the tension. There are a few angles in the "movie" option that end up just being frustrating, though- like in the liquor cabinet room- but they're generally great. I did run into a really big problem, though. Right after going into the backyard, the game crashed and locked up my computer. I couldn't close the game and had to forcibly restart my computer. I also can't seem to save the game and then be able to reload the save. It doesn't show as existing despite the act of saving getting confirmed. I really want to play more of this game, though- it has great promise so far.

Thanks for the comments. I haven't receive any other reports of the game crashing in the backyard like that, so it could be a fluke. I think most issues with the game are due to antivirus interference. Adding it to your antivirus exceptions should have. Did you press enter after typing a file name while saving?

If I remember right, I clicked a confirmation button- been a bit since I tried, sorry. I'll give it another shot today- no hurricane to interrupt this time lol

i just purchased the game and i cant play it because it says iant play babysitter cant play it just like launching the app is the problem plz help me puppet combo im a huge fan of your games i have a windows 10 laptop and i cant play babysitterbloodbath plz help me i really wanna play this game for the first time 


Hi, please try the instructions here:


I can't seem to gt the game to run in full screen despite selecting that option. Is it something with my computer or is the game bugging out?

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nvm turns out I just needed to run my display in 800 600 resolution

try pressing alt + enter

Hi there, are you planning on any more physical copy runs for your games?

There will be a new one coming soon.

How do you save the game?

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Use the vhs tape on the vcr

Where can I find more VHS tapes? Or can you only save your progress once?

Just absolutely terrifying. I'll probably never beat the game due too not being brave enough to repeatedly face the reveal haha.

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What was Jill’s number again? Do I have to restart the game to get it? Edit: Checked a YouTube playthrough, it’s 555-8345.

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How do you get this game running on Windows 10?

Edit: And DirectPlay is not the problem, trying to launch the game from its folder turns direct play on if its turned off.

Well what ever. . .

I can't save my Game. I try to fix 3hr later... I need to know what the file type is for the saves?

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Hi. Really a nice throwback game, I quite enjoyed it. But I would have enjoyed it even more if it had controller support. I mean you are basically emulating PSX games like Silent Hill or Resident Evil, right? Tank controls are better with a gamepad imho...

Thank you. It does  actually have controller support. Have you tried mapping a controller? 


Sadly it doesn't recognize it when i try to map the gamepad buttons. I'm using a DualShock 3 Controller, but with a driver that is emulating a XBox Controller so it should regognize it as such....

Hi, *Not Spam BTW* but I'd suggest you use a program called Xpadder to map your controller. It's like 10$ and it'll take a little time to get used to it but it's worth it. You can map any USB input device to any game. I've used it to map thrusters and throttles to Kerbal Space Program and Lunar Flight and my friend has used it to map World of Warcraft to an Xbox controller. Although I wouldn't recommend the latter lol. I'm just saying it's possible.

i cant find remote

Its upstairs in the kid's bedroom in the corner with the commode.

Hey, Puppet Combo. I'm not sure whether if this right or not, but it appears that Webroot, my anti-virus says this game, particularly "bloodbath.exe" is malware. Is this a mistake due to how the game is coded or something?


Yeah, it's a false positive. Since it's basically a Windows 98 game, some modern computers freak out and wonder why the hell you're trying to run it and assume it's a virus.

Ahh, I see. Thanks for the response. That's basically what I thought it was.

Like the Halloween movies but Myers jumpscares you by appearing from seemingly nowhere more than ever.

Is there another recommended guide to getting this to display correctly on wide monitors? The Steam link doesn't actually take me to a thread. :(


I guess that thread was deleted. It's pretty simple though, you would have to manually set your resolution in Windows before you play. 1024x786 or 800x600 would work. You could also play in Windowed mode for the correct resolution.

Dang maybe I will have to play in windowed mode, because even after I change my resolution, things stretch out when playing fullscreen. I wanted to be fullscreen so I could record while playing and have it look correct in the video, but I don't know if that's possible?

Has anyone had any luck with this one and wine/linux? I installed directplay via winetricks, but acknex.exe crashes.


I have tried everything in the readme, everything I've read on here and the troubleshooting page to get this game to launch in Windows 10 and it just won't launch. I was really looking forward to playing it.

Same here :(. When I try to open bloodbath.exe, it says I don't have the appropriate permissions. But when I look at the file properties, it says I'm the owner. I also can't add bloodbathexe to Data Execution Prevention exceptions as it gives a permission error. 

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I'm not sure what the problem is. I've verified the game does launch in Windows 10 with DirectPlay on the average computer (I've tested the game on several of my friends laptops and have gotten it to launch on all of them) so there may be some sort of configuration or even antivirus issue on certain systems that I haven't personally come across.


I tried to disable the antivirus completely, but in Windows 10 that can be tricky and kind of difficult to do completely, but I still can't get it. I appreciate you trying to pinpoint what's going on. I may be able to try it on a different computer soon.

no matter what i try i cannot get this game to launch, i click it and doesnt do anything, ive even extracted it with 7zip

Hi! Please try

i dont even get those options :(, i cant even start it in the browse



For others who have the same problem, could you explain your solution?

What did you do to fix it?

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I can't install the game: runtime error: index out of range :(

Also, cannot download from this page.

I sent a report, hopefully this'll help. :P


The itchio app has a bug with doesn't let you install the game. To play you'll need to download the RAR file from your library: . There's nothing I can actually do about this, since the app is the problem. Somebody at itchio would need to fix it. I've sent support emails but I've never received a response.

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yep just got this game it won't start up it's saying it needs something but it can't find it

That's really sad I was looking foreword to playing this game

On Windows 10 the game may need DirectPlay to function. Try this:


Recenly bought the bundle and I didn't know that it has this incredible game in it. :D

My babysitter spins counter-clockwise in place during the opening dialogue and then runs in circles as soon as I have control. This is with all default settings. Even if I change the button mappings it keeps happening. Is there something I can do to get it working?

Do you have a gamepad or joystick plugged into your computer? If so, unplugging or disconnecting that may fix it.


No joypad plugged in. Just the keyboard

I'm not sure what's wrong then. I'm guessing there's an input device somewhere that the game is detecting, even if it's not plugged in.

Sure enough, went digging and found the ghost device. Thank you for the help!!
Games awesome, the 3 camera angles used at -that part- tied in so well with the forced camera angles of the psx era. Really sharp work

Glad you fixed it!

hello i have the same problem but i dont know where to look for the ghost devic

hello i have the same problem but i dont know where to look for the ghost devic

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi! Please try

I've tried installing the game through the app but at always fails before the download finishes. It shows a message that says "runtime error: index out of range." Do you have any idea how to fix this?

The itchio app has a bug with doesn't let you install the game. To play you'll need to download the RAR file directly from this page. There's nothing I can actually do about this, since the app is the problem. Somebody at itchio would need to fix it. I've sent support emails but I've never received a response.

"To play you'll need to download the RAR file directly from this page."

What about if you got it from a bundle? Are you unable to download the Rar directly from this page if that's the case?

It should be in your library and able to be downloaded:


An amazing experience to play!


great game

I cant open the game on my windows 10 and my windows 7 laggs to much to play. What do i do?

Excues me sir, I tried to send an email and it says that the email does not exist... What do I do?


wasn't this game free?

i used to watch pewdiepie play this when i was younger ( dont ask)

I did too

Hi, is this game working on Windows 10? the old halloween version closes after the Jack-o'-lantern scene

Yep bought this one and it doesnt work on W10 past that sequence

use the contact forum on his website to tell him about it

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