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Amo este videojuego desde que salio en su venta estuve jugando luego a la demo del powerdrillmassacre me alegro que hagan mas videojuegos nuevos.Thank you for all puppet combo


These games made me sign up for Patreon and become a Patron. There are many copycats out there, but there's nothing close to the allure of Puppet Combo games. 


Yeah Because Puppet Combo creates the best games from 80's horror and slasher movies.

Is puppet combo a whole team of people creating these games or just one person

Just Curious

Deleted 2 years ago

Okay Thanks for telling me.

love you puppet combo <3

i love making videos on pupprt combo games so far ive only done Feed Me Billy and Night Shift im definetly plannig on playing and recording this game:)

i just came here to say. im a patreon now. these games are amazing. keep it up puppet combo <:3

Thank you!

favorite puppet combo game thus far 

Hell yeah

I have just bought the game with a lot of enthusiasm but when i click on new game the game closes. I have already sent an email asking for something else to the email ben[at] but nobody answer back so i am writing here for someone to answer me. 

It would be wonderful if I could get any solution to this issue. Also please, answer back the email that i have sent to you Puppet Combo

Hi, I have answered all the emails I've received. Can you check your junk mail? My reply should be there. If not, please forward it again. Thanks.

okay i will send you the email again.

About the game babysitter bloodbath, I have a Windows 10 and the game does not work 

Is there any solution? 

Hello Puppet Combo

I have searched the answer of the email in all the options of gmail but I did not find it. I think that I can not received your emails. I would like to ask you two questions and I think that the only option is with theese comments in If you think that it exists another better option, please say it to me if not I would ask you my questions in this comment.


Hi, I did not receive an email from you. You can email, or message me on twitter or instagram. I can not give tech support in a comment section, sorry.

Okay, I will write to you on instagram.

Thanks so much

how do you save?

You can save at the VCR

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Hey! I'm a large fan of your games and I wanted to know, well first I have a Acer Computer and it won't let me launch this game, why is that?


I wouldn't be able to answer that without details. Won't let me launch is too vague for me to diagnose the issue. I would need to know what you're doing to launch the game and what specifically is happening.

So the problem is I downloaded it not with the pack and everytime I install it nothing happens. My dad tried helping me trying to extract it with 7zip and what not. It just won't work. It refuses to Launch everytime I download it, like I said everytime I install it. Nothing will happen. Please HELP.

Please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

I already have. Now what?

Can you send it again? Sorry if I missed it.

I also can not download this game. First I bought it in the bundle then separately and it's giving me an error.

Please fix it, this game seemed dope!

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

I can't install the game. Whenever I try to install it, it says  "Can't install;Index out of range" in red. Could you help me.


The game is playable if you download the RAR file directly from this page, but it does not work if you try to install it through the itchio app. I've emailed itchio about it and they completely ignore me. They would need to fix it on their app.

ive purchased the game it tells me rar file and wont let me open up the application to start the game what does that mean? I need help plz

You can extract the rar file with 7zip. Try opening it with that. 

This was halloween the game

There's a problem. The loading screen will come up but then it just closes. I don't know what to do.

im having the same problem.....


Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.


Hello sir, I have this problem with the mouse while playing Babysitter Bloodbath.

If I move my mouse to the left or right, the character keeps turning into the same direction (it keeps turning right) and I don't know how to fix it (I tried deleting that file that it was mentioned in the readme, and it still did not work).
Is there anything I can do?

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

Deleted 4 years ago

If I try to send you and email it says that the email doesn't exist...

please upload all the other games .. i wil buy all collection


this is gay

What's the point of picking up the axe and swinging it if you can't even kill him with it?

You can kill him with it.

How? Because I was watching John Wolfe and he was at the part where you need to shoot the killer in the garage. He ran out of bullets and switched the gun with the axe and swung at the killer, but it didn't kill the killer even though the killer was close to death.

Also is there a different I can play your games like Stay Out Of The House or Feed Me Billy without having to buy the game.

i wish i chould buy it :c

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Hem, excuse me, I have accidentally bought this game 2 times, what should I do?

You can email for anything payment related.

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I would like to ask you something else, are "The night of the reaper" and "The planet of bloodthirsty santa" still in development games? And if they are, when they are gonna come out?

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Hi Puppet Combo I love your games and I bought all of your games and plan to sign up for the patreon, BUT, babysitter Bloodbath won't download on my computer and I was very amped to play this game, so what do i do to get a download?

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 plkay it plkay it 2x

 ment too s0pekll iot thsty wasyu donmt ghet off3ended

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I am sorry sir, but I don't think I have understood what are you trying to say...

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When it finishes installing the game it just exits out. I have DIrect play too. Also your email ben[at] doesn't seem to work. It says out of index range. 


Hi, are you using the app to install the game? If so, please contact and mention that it's not installing on their app. In the mean time downloading the .rar file in a browser and running it manually should allow you to play. Take care.

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi, I don't think I've received that email. Can you send it again?

It won't even open for me need help!

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

how do I unpack the files? im new to pc so

Try 7zip:

index out of range...

Hi, can you contact It's a problem with their app not the game itself.

Alternatively, you could download it with a web browser.

how do I unpack the files?


i keep trying to download it and it keeps saying its index is out of range please help

Can you contact

It's a problem with their app.

ooooh boy!


Games like these really need a sequel... imo

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Do you think this game could be ported to Steam?  I'm not really and User and it's my first time.

Another good one by puppet combo! 

Hey there i have a problem on my PC, when i open the game it shows the loading screen then it goes black and closes.

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

I keep getting an error message when trying to download this game.any suggestions on what to do?

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

this is the only halloween game...

I keep trying to download the game and its telling me its index out of range please help

Hi please email me: ben[at] so I can help you with the issue.

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I'm trying to run this on Windows 10. I have DirectPlay enabled and I can run the game in Windowed or Full Screen at 640x480 resolution. If I try setting it to anything higher in the game, it crashes. Does anyone have any insight?



Hi, please email me so I can help: ben [at] puppetcombo. com


This game was excellent & terrifying, my hands were shaking after I got killed! But worth it. 


Hey,  how do I install it on windows 10 ? I cannot "Unpack" it because it is rar. have someone an Idea? 

You'll need 7-zip to unpack the game:


thanks! It worked 

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