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W game fr

I played night shift was fun! 

yall this game was so scary cant wait for full game 

played stay out of the house it was really good

mad scary game good job puppet combo 

Such a good start to the series, props to PuppetCombo!

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Buzz-Saw Blood House is so good

night shift was amazing 

feed me billy was insane. crazy game

this game was so scary bro

This looks more like an fps than horror but I’ll buy it and find out

nearly shit myself on that jumpscare😭😭😭


You need to go to your gmail, search puppet combo and then you should see the download, i just figured it out

i cant play any games smh when i click a vhs its just stays on the tv and doesnt relaunch , what do i do ?

The jumpscare had me jump out my chair...

The jumpscare was unexpected

5 stars for door physics

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played night shift and it scared tf out of me lmao amazing jumpscare loved it fosho plan to play the other games soon!

On night shift it says stay out of the house in the pause menu, Is there a fix for this (is it a glitch or on purpose)


I'm pretty sure think it was on purpose since night shift is connected to stay out of the house. (night shift is the prologue of stay out of the house)

Night Shift was absolutely terrifying... had to be the biggest jumpscare I've ever experienced.. hope you enjoy the reaction! 

Night shift was amazing to play watch video for my reaction 

Feed Me Billy brought out a new side of me that I've never seen before!


Night Shift gave me such a bad jump scare that I almost flew out of my seat! Good stuff guys!

it just pops up as a blue screen and gives me an error


This Game Got Me Screaming, IT'S SO GOOD!

every time I try the new games it just dosent load in


I played Night Shift and it got me good!


I played The Night Shift, awesome game! Will upload some more of the included games in the bundle as I go.


I don't really like horror games, but this one, this style, I love it !


damn check that out. the very virst comment ive ever seen on itchio that isnt trhi g to  promote their youtube channel. a true unicorn

I hope stay out of the house can be sold on steam, because I prefer to buy it on steam.

i played it i pissed myself when i played night shift


THERE IS NUDITY! I wish I knew before streaming on twitch I wish they would put a warning on their games. I bought the bundle because I was told puppet combo was a good horror game maker and the first one I played was this one and it has nudity on it. I don't know if the others have nudity too can't play them. Gonna talk to puppet combo about it.

its only the spiders one


So I bought this game some hours ago, but the only thing I'm able to play is the story mode. Whenever I go to play the tapes in the menu, it just sits there and doesn't load anything. I can't play any of the 4 games. Can someone help-?



I was actually able to figure this out a few weeks ago. You need to go to "Go" at the top of your computer, then click library.  From there go to "Application Support" and click on "itch" and then "apps". Next find the file  "scary-tales-vol-1".  In this file you will find another file by the name of "Puppet Combo's Scary Tales Vol 1".  If you click on that and then click games next you will then see the files for each of the games. Just click on whatever game you want and play. Hope this helped :).

thank you so much 

you're welcome :)


Played the night shift and it about made me piss myself lmao

Said 6 months ago it was the biggest jumpscare I've ever had. That's still true to date.

Did the issues on Mac ever get fixed?


Whats creepy is that it charges you 6.66$ lol 

Feed Me Billy was such a crazy/insane experience. Never have I ever actually felt so uncomfortable playing as an actual serial killer in a horror game. This game made me question what was actually real.. if I was really the killer or if it was all in my head. Overall a really disturbing, yet interesting experience! Highly recommend it!

thanks for posting a video of the game, now i dont have to purchase it.

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