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Dear Puppet combo. i have been watching your company create games for a while now and have loved watching different youtubers react to; and play your games. I cant express how scary your games are to me and honestly I think you make some of the most atmospheric horror games on the market! Please never stop making games.. I love them to bits.. even if i get terrified every time.

anyone know if I can play any of the scary tales volume 1 games with 2 gb ram on the lowest settings?

these games are only gonna get spookier..

İs this real Vhs tape SuperMarket.

This is the scarriest game i've ever played


hello! the relaunch button isnt working, I am unable to get to the game, does anyone know how to fix this?

Very nice! I've been thru two so far great retro feel.


game crash i got scammed worst game ever


if your computer is trash its not games fault u little bitch



Great collection, I highly recommend it. Here's Night Shift btw:


I know this a lot to ask for but can you make it free please ?


my guy 6.66$ is not a lot of money you literally could be nice to your mom or get a job if you get a job then you will have enough to buy the damm bundle bro come on if you ask your mom do some things that she will like, like giv her a gift then do some chores that she does so if she sees that you will do them you will need a reward but don't say it like that say it like this "mom I love a lot and I want to help you in the house and give you care because I love a lot" after that she will most likely be like " my son or daughter (if you are a girl) is helping me I want to give them a reward so they have a goal. and this goes to aanyone who is reading this I hope that you can buy the game and get some money for other things bye and have a great day.




Respect bro



dumbass just work do some yardwork be nice to ya momma or dad or guardian or somethin work man its not hard spoiled fucking brat

im on the part where your supposed to play it and it says my unityplayer.dll was not found.


It's funny how they put the price as 666


I've only played Night Shift so far, but that was amazing! I wanna know if there's a way to not get killed in the end. Like I saw that in the back room there's a window that leads into the bathroom before the back door opens, I wonder if there's a way to open it and go through it before hand. Great game!

How do you add that cool filter? I want to make video games too, but I don't know how to add filters like this.


I think on the unity assets if you type up vhs it should come up with a filter :)

Thanks. I've been looking around.


no problem, the only thing I dont like is that it costs money


Where do I find the intro song from Night Shift where Amber asks you what time you're getting out? THIS SONG IS A BOP! Please let me know or how I can purchase it. I've looked everywhere and came to a broken googledrive link. Thanks!

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I always go in blind so let me know if I need to replay these to get different endings!

So I somehow broke The Killer In Nightshift haha Still On Of The Scariest Things To Experience Tho

Is there a way where i can just play night shift by itself

Yes, Patreon

All my games are on there.

ok thank

Can I download these games on a windows 7???



I try to play scary tales vol. 1 on a mac catalina and every-time I start one of the games, it gets stuck in "Now playing", and the game doesn't actually open. If anyone had this problem and found a solution, please reply.

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You need a powerfull mac 2 run this you also need 2 GB sooo that could be the problem.

that type of Mac can't run games ik it says for Mac but just the Catalina can't run games

Actually, I can run puppet combo games on my mac. The only games I can't are the ones only available on windows and The Night Ripper. 


Actually with Mac, the games will work but you'll need to launch them separately rather than from the main executable because of the Mac file structure. 

Thanks, this worked.

but how do you do that im clueless

how do you do that


The Riverside Incident is one of the best environmental horror games I've played in my entire lifetime. Bravo, the collection is worth it for that game alone.

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It looks like fun, but it's too expensive. I can't afford it. I can only watch videos.

I really liked Night Shift. Tension, anxiety, and scares are guaranteed. The look is excellent and focused on the more retro style, which for me is incredible. Congratulations.

I started playing scary games and I decided to pick a Puppet Combo Game Today. I've been scared a couple of times but I think this is the most scared I've ever been lmao. Great Game Puppet Combo!

Can you tell me the name of the music that plays on the cellphone calling in feed me billy?

Updated STAY OUT OF THE HOUSE from #Puppetcombo! A re-recording of the prologue The Nightshift, it is running very nice in the updated unity build. No Commentary, Will post the full playthrough when the update is dropped


how do i get it to start on windows 


the price is comepletly very horrifying with the vol 1


FEED ME BILLY is fucking amaze

cool and very good :)

Fantastic, it was the exact kind of weirdness i was looking for and so much more. gotta say favorite part by far was glitching out the bodies before feeding. Keep Up the Great Work!!!


I'm 100% on board with ALL of your content, you & I can both thank CoryxKenshin for that.. Nostalgia galore!


Thanks to you and Cory!

Deleted 333 days ago

He's a Youtuber, but he hasn't posted anything in a bit. Hope he's alright.

Totally did not get scared.... :) 

i downloaded the babysitter game and its telling me that i can not start it, i already purchased the game and i have a windows 10 laptop, can anybody help?

the puppet combo package is good but 2 things are missing from the package which is to have subtitles in portuguese from portugal and stay free for a few days please

yES FINALLY back to pc gaming. New pc. New me anyway coming back to this night shift is so scary I can’t feel finish it lol. It’s good to be back in the itch community



3/4 no commentary in playlist (spiders wrecking me)

so I

played FEED ME BILLY  and it was just disturbing but still loved it and will continue to support puppet combo 

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