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I love the meta gameplay in the apartment that lets you choose a game based on the VHS to insert. My favorites being Night Shift and Feed Me Billy. Nothing can top the atmosphere of all these games.

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Fucking scary. Won't lie I pooped my pants on the night shift game.

Every time I try to play nightshift it won’t start up it lets me click play and I even relaunched and ejected it several times. You can email me to help me further if you need to


Hey, just about to play Riverside Incident and couldn't find a "play" or "start" thing for the tape. Is there a way that the game is supposed to start?

I've already pressed "relaunch" and "eject" for the tape and haven't progressed further into the mini-game off the loading/menu screen (it's the same problem with the other tapes too). Is the game only available after completing story mode?

Did you get it to work? I’m having problems as well

Great work. Every Game from you is great.

Greetings from Germany.

Also played Night Shift, having had worked the night shift at a gas station convenience store before this one was especially creepy. 

Played The Riverside Incident and as usual very creepy build up to an end that I'm not quite sure what happened lol but it was scary!

are you gonna put the other games out like this too?

Finally playing these games, started with Feed Me Billy...the experience was disturbing and brilliant all at once.

I enjoyed this very much!! glad I finally decided to play the story mode!!

Pretty fun.  I had a little bit of an issue with lag, but my laptop is also pretty old and needs to be replaced.  Effective use of atmosphere and has some pretty well done scares.  Feed Me Billy was my favorite, with a really well done jumpscare, and an impressive sense of dread.

I don't know if people already know this but i found a "glitch" that can make you teleport through the wall. Just wanted to say that.

hi, i really love the Night Shift game, i have tried going up the roof but i couldn't quite see where the killer comes from, is there a good ending? also, i want to play the Night Ripper, i would love to buy it either in a bundle or by itself please? thanks a lot. you rock man! 👍

ok they got fixed

all games are amazing! but can you fix the frame drops in night shift. there kinda annoying. thank you. and have a great day

Why was Planet of the Bloodthirsty Santas taken down from the store?

spiders hud in the game it look like doom

Puppet Combo will be one of the greatest game creators of throw back horrors EVER... I just got done playing Night shift, check it out for yourself..

I really enjoyed feed me billy I think it's my favorite game out of the whole volume and it was real creepy and kept me on the edge of my seat

Feed me billy is somethin else... IM ALL FOR GETTING SCARED. Check it out!

How do i download night shift pls send me a vid.

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It is in the same folder as Scary Tales.. Go to all of your files and in the search bar, enter "Scary" Scary tales folder should come up, click on the folder and all 4 games should be right there already dowloaded. Let me know if this doesn't work.

ok thanks :D

i dont have it

idk why

Try downloading application. The games download right onto that application and you can play it through there. Once downloaded, log in, and go to your library of owned games and download it and run. I hope this works for you! Happy New Years!

but im on laptop

go into the games folder and click on night shift and run it

Would it be okay if there was a way to purchase Feed Me Billy alone, I've seen videos of No Players Online and other games from you I never knew you made, and I have to say your games are amazing. But I was wanting to be able to purchase Billy alone, due to it being a rare gem of sorts because I don't really ever see games like it, specifically where you play such a role, and overall design of the game besides games like Manhunt, ect. But another reason I wanted to purchase it alone was because I'm really interested in that game specifically, just like I was with baby sitter blood bath and no players online. I apologize for the paragraph of text though fam, I just can't express how hyped, also interested I am for the game and I lowkey am a little impatient, like I wanna click the purchase button asap but I would probably get in trouble from my parents. Anyway. I hope you have a good time and keep up the good work, and I hope you get countless blessings for these wonderful creations of hard work. <3

if you put night ripper on game jolt you will make alot of money

hi i purchased stay out of the house how do i install it?

I got the email after buying it but i have been waiting a few minutes and the game has not shown up.


I really like the pack of games I have only played one so far but it was really good

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i just purchased a copy and made a minor mistake and wondering if I could get help in fixing it, I would love to play your game!

dats him


It should be sorted out now, check your inbox. 👍

Hey uh, I tried gifting my friend the game, and I forgot to add ".com" to my friends email that the game was going to send to, and he didn't receive it.


Hey, normally you can contact support to get it sorted out, but I happened to have seen your message so I fixed the purchase for you. Tell your friend to check their inbox, thanks!

Just in case i forgot to post it Im gonna be playing through the scary tales a game at a time here's the first one NightShift 

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does the song that play at the very beginning of Night Shift have a name? and if not could you upload/sell it somewhere?

Are you supposed to fall out of bounds and see the other staircase map out of bounds in Riverside Incident or is that a big ol' bug?

I was expecting a spook after walking that slow forever, but I wouldn't be surprised if falling into infinite blue was the prank mentioned in the opening text or lol there is no game is that prank. I went down those stairs like 4 or 5 times, then the door was just a crack open into blue nothingness and I walked through and fell forever.

Also Night Shift legitimately spooked me. Not sure if I was supposed to go back into the store after going outside, but I did and that might have made it scarier. I didn't even clean the bathroom, boss is going to be pissed.

Hmm, yeah that's a bug. Let me look into it. Thank!

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I can link you the twitch vod if that helps, but all I did was walk down the stairs and loop 3 or 4 times


I bought this game in a bundle just recently and have only played through this one so far. It is simply terrifying, and I actually hate how uncomfortable it makes me. The score, the visual style, it's everything I both love and hate in horror games. Excellent work, and I look forward to supporting you more in the future.  

Thanks! Glad you enjoy


Heya, which program do you guys use to paint your models?

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um what do i do after dogeball disappars


Keep watching the tapes.



While I respect your creative vision, I think a content warning about Dodgeball's fate in the story mode should be added. That's not cool.


Absolutely agree with you. That went a bit too far


just buying the game if a fair warning, look at the pictures isnt that enough?


(spoilersz for anyone happening to scroll through the comments i guess)

the pictures don't give you any clue about how graphic the situation gets. the most they show you is some bugs around a microwave which isn't really any clue that anything's going to happen to the cat at all. a lot of people are ok with most horror (even the gory kind) but cant handle animal death. its just a particuarly touchy subject in things and the way it happens in this comes off as much more gory than the rest of the game. (i suppose one could argue that putting in a warning would negate the shock value but frankly i don't think the event needs the shock value that much it's quite disturbing on its own. a content warning doesn't have to be very specific anyways, just saying that there's animal death would suffice i think)

the only reason i knew ANYTHING was going to happen with dodgeball was because i read the comments section before i downloaded it and still it felt like it was a little much. thankfully i could tough it out cuz ive seen too much roadkill in my time to get upset enough to have 2 stop playing but for a lot of people just the thought of it can be too much for them even if they can handle other horror/gore...sorry i rambled a bit there. i hope you get my point though


i second this...thankfully your comment managed to function as my warning though i guess cuz i was reading through the comments while i was downloading it, so thanks ^^ you werent very specific about it but i mean there are only so many things you could be requesting a warning about so i was able to brace myself for it...

Actually, FEED ME BILLY is one of the best serial killer simulators i've ever seen. It transmits the experience perfectly and, in my opinion, if you  improve it  a little bit mechanicaly and make it more  systemic, it'll become my ideal game. Also i liked experimental "Riverside Incident" and SPIDERS is almost perfect "so bad its good" game. My verdict: waiting for the volume 2!


Great collection of great games! My personal favourite is FEED ME BILLY. It's just so surreal! Keep on the good work! :) Can you please tell me what font are you using in the title screen for THE BACKROOMS?

Approximately how long is the game? Could I have friends over and complete it in a couple of hours?


The entire collection with all the stories should be around 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much you explore.

Will you upload this game to the Steam?

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I have no plans to.


Made a whole video dedicated to this type of game.

You'll see my opinions on the games in the description of my video

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